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Plans for a future trip

I went to Juarez, Mexico this past weekend and started talking to man I met at one of the parks. He told me there was this THING in an ancient, remote section of a city that is about a 13 hour drive from Juarez. I’m not going to tell you what the THING is, or the name of the town, but I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind, and have decided that I will be driving my car none stop to that place so I can take pictures. Since it's going to be an awful long drive, I’ll take naps in my car, and copy ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak by wearing a diaper for the entire trip. :o) Seriously. I don’t know exactly when I’ll leave for this trip, and I’m not going to tell family or friends about my plans. When I return, I’ll post the pictures in my LJ. Once I drive out of Juarez, I know I’ll be completely safe. I will only take the clothes I’ll be wearing, enough money for gas, and a little cooler with water, peanut butter sandwiches, and my passport. I will go, take pics, and drive back immediately.

I have set my mind to do this, and nothing will change my mind.

The situation has become absolutely horrific in Juarez, Mexico. You hear nothing about the situation over there in the news, because reporters and journalist are murdered if they publicize it. Everybody is terrified. The cartel has now targeted the schools for extortion, and if they don’t, children, and teachers will be murdered. They have already murdered two children. Many of the schools have now closed down. Citizens can’t call the municipal or federal police for help, because the majority of the police are the cartel. Yesterday, a body was chopped into tiny pieces and strewn throughout the street.

Two weeks ago, a bomb many time times more powerful than the one that exploded about a month ago was placed in a car with another murdered innocent man in it. Luckily, they somehow found out before it went off. Forty-seven girls and women have been murdered this month. The numbers of total murders are now exceeding 400 per month.

The vandals have now targeted for extortion those poverty stricken men and women who push their little carts throughout the streets selling homemade burritos, and fruit refreshments just to buy a minute amount of food for their families. I didn’t see those little carts anymore. I found entire blocks of businesses closed down. Kidnappings are rampant, and found myself seriously afraid for the first time to make my camera visible to take pictures.

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