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True or false answers to Playgirl's statements

To those who participated in my True or False statements, thank you!

Correct answers to Playgirl’s True or False prior post.

1. My favorite dish is chicken cacciatore. FALSE

2. On Thanksgiving, I always have a drumstick. FALSE
(I've NEVER in my entire life eaten anything with feathers)

3. I was once buried alive. TRUE
When I was a little girl, my brothers dug a hole in our backyard, and continued doing so by making I an under ground room. When I entered, they placed a board over the hole which made it impossible for me to get out. They left and forgot all about me for hours!

4. I excel in English grammar. FALSE
You all know my grammar skills totally SUCK! :o)

5. I buy expensive clothes. FALSE
The majority are purchased at flea markets and 2HAND STOREs, as has just about everything in my house that's as expensive as can be, but because I bought 2nd hand, I paid VERY little. I believe I've bought about 10 brand new outfits in my entire life, and they were on sale. Not only am I EXTREMELY frugal, but I believe in recyling to give Pachamama (Mother Earth) a little break.

6. I have a Confidential Clearance job. TRUE

7. I have a Secret Clearance job. TRUE

I had just completed my tour with the military, when my three best friends decided to go to this nightclub. A man approached us and to ask if his boss could send us drinks. After a while the man who had sent us drinks approached me and gave me his card. He told his company was hiring, and if I wanted a job, I could go see him for an interview. I told him that I didn't know a thing about what the job required, and he said it was okay, since he'd have someone train me. In my mind, I was sure he was not for real, but decided one morning to go and check it out, and when I left, I had a job. In time, we became good platonic friends. My love and savvy of boxing had a lot to do with it, since he's a big boxing fan, too!

My job requires BOTH Confidential and Secret (Confidential 1st, then Secret). It took about a month to get my Confidential and another month for the Secret.

Not only is your history checked, but your parents, and grand-parents.

8. I love to sew. FALSE
Mom taught me as a little girl to knit, embroider, and quilt, but I hated every minute of it. I’m just too hyper for that stuff.

9. I excel in Calculus. TRUE
I'm truly an EXPERT at calculus. If any of you want to test me, go for it.

10. I excel in politics. FALSE
When Obama ran for president was the first time I took an interested in politics. I now love politics, but know very little about it.

11. I excel in finances. TRUE

12. I excel in literature FALSE
I've only read the Scarlet Letter, Les Miserable, the Good Earth, the Sherlock Holmes books, Of Mice and Men, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and most of the Shakespeare collection.

13. I excel at dancing. TRUE
I love to dance, and most consider me to be an excellent dancer.

14. I have an Associate’s FALSE
I ONLY have a high school diploma.

15. I have a Bachelor’s FALSE

16. I have a Master’s FALSE

17. I am a party animal FALSE
I rarely go to nightclubs, and when I do, it's only to dance. After about an hour, I start getting claustrophobic and have to leave immediately, and for this reason, I always drive my own car so I won’t mess up my friend’s fun time.

18. Once a month, I go to an ancient cemetery to find total peace. TRUE
The most peaceful place in the world for me. I try to get there by dusk so I can meditate on life and death.

19. Ghosts live in my house. TRUE
They are actually called Shadow People, and spend most of their time in the basement.

20. I’ve had a stalker in my life since high school. TRUE
This stocker is a female nut who continues to stock me to this day.

21. I love Livejournal. TRUE

22. My favorite game is Solitary. FALSE
Monopoly or Chess.

23. On Halloween, I cuddle with my nine four-legged babies, and watch blood and gore movies all night long. TRUE

24. I love eggplant. FALSE

25. In real life, I’ve been in love twice. FALSE
I've NEVER been in love in real life. The times I've fallen in love in a fantasy manner have been with a few LJ friends.

26. I once almost died when I caught Meningitis. TRUE


27. I sleep about four to five hours. TRUE
I don't have time to sleep too much.

28. I masturbate.
This is the best method for a SINGLE female to have orgasms without ruining too much of her reputation. :o)

29. I am the creator and web-mistress of eight websites. TRUE
One of these is an adult site which creates more money than I make at my full time regular job.

30. I have trapped over 40 ferial cats and had spayed, neutered, and micro-chipped with my own money. TRUE

31. I have 20/20 eye vision FALSE
I have even BETTER eye vision which is 15/20. When I was in the military, I was dubbed an expert shooter with the M60 and the M16.

32. I have three jobs. TRUE
My full time regular job
My internet job
My MAID job

33. I am a maid. TRUE
When I was thirteen, I would clean this man's house on Saturday's for four hours. I would clean his house, cook, do laundry, and iron. I did this up until I joined the Army, and when I completed my tour, I continued being his maid. What he now pays me helps me buy the best dog, and cat food available in the market.

34. I am totally inconsistent. TRUE

35. I can only love or hate. There’s no in between for me. TRUE

36. I always eat breakfast. FALSE
The only time I eat breakfast is on Sunday's. I go to McDonald's and order the # 7.

37. I ride my bicycle once a week to Juarez, Mexico to buy mangos, then go to a nearby park and eat all of them. TRUE
You can't pass mangos into the U.S., so I go buy them and eat them there in a huge park.

38. I play the piano. TRUE
The pic of the piano you see on top is my piano. I would simply wither away and die without it, and my professional punching bag!

39. I love thought provoking conversation. TRUE

40. Most people think I’m strange. TRUE

41. I love to be around loud people. FALSE
I HATE loud people!

42. I can’t swim. FALSE
I love swimming, and often times give the rest of the fish some competition! heh heh

43. I have a secret crush on at least three of my LJ friends. TRUE
I fantasize about these THREE when I masturbate. RAWR

44. I love to flirt. TRUE
I truly excel at flirting! heee

45. I have a picture of my mother in her coffin on top of my night stand. TRUE
For as long as I live, her picture will stay on my night stand, where I also have my beloved little 4 legged Mickey's ashes in a little Mickey Mouse teapot.

46. I have three best friends. TRUE
I adore them, and I don't know what I would do with out them.

47. My yard is 1 ¼ acre. TRUE
It is my (and all my pets) paradise in the dessert. I’ll post pics soon.

48. I have one brother. FALSE
I have FOUR brothers. How do you think I grew up to be so tough?! I am the runt of the family.

49. I love peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. TRUE

50. I am a perfectionist. TRUE
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the cleanliness of my home, yard, hygiene, and my THREE jobs.

51. I am a diabetic. TRUE

52. I am for the death penalty. FALSE
I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY against the death penalty.

53. A gentleman once mistook me for a beggar and dropped a quarter in my cup. TRUE
I can't find the post of when I shared this with you, but this is what happened that day:

It was a Saturday winter morning when I started paste waxing my hardwood floors. I put on an old tattered man's flannel shirt with the collar all eaten away, a pair of old dingy baggy jeans, and socks. I had bought the shirt and jeans at the 2nd hand store. I hadn't showered, and my hair was a mess.

I got on my hands and knees and was almost finished waxing the floor when the doorbell rang. It was a friend who had arrived from Camargo, Mexico who had a plane to catch to Dallas, TX. She was running late, and begged me to drive her as fast as I could to the airport to make it in time to board the airplane. I had wax smudges all over the clothes I was wearing, my hands and face, and my socks looked filthy from the dark past wax.

When we got to the airport, I put my watch in a cup, and went through the electronic thingy without any problems. I grabbed the cup with my watch and waited for her to pass, but the buzzing started when she passed. An elderly handsome man, with a gorgeous suit went through, stopped and stared at me. He reached into his pocket and dropped a quarter in the cup I was holding and walked away.

54. I was homeless at the age of 13 years old. FALSE
I was not 13, but 17 when I was homeless. My parents believed in TOUGH LOVE, and as each one of us graduated from high school, we were to leave the nest and learn to fly on our own. I believe their harsh method worked, because we had to concentrate on survival. None of us had time to get into trouble.

I worked flipping burgers at a Jack in the Box for a few weeks. Since I didn't have a penny to piss on, I had no other option but to join the military. Since I was 17 years old, the Army recruiter had to go to my parents to sign the form. Best thing I ever did in my life!

55. I invited one 14 year incarceration felon ex-convict to live in my backyard. TRUE
I'll post an update on his life, and also a 2nd inmate I invited last November in my backyard.

56. I have eleven dogs, and 15 cats. ALMOST TRUE
The numbers vary (15 up to 20 or more) since some get runned over, or are murdered by evil people, and new ones appear from nowhere. I've trapped and had all spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped. I do have a brand new black kitten. This is the kitten I jumped someone’s fence to save from their dog.

57. I smoke cigarettes. FALSE
I tried it once, but left my guts in the toilet!

58. I smoke pot. FALSE
I'm totally AGAINST the legalization of the stuff!

59. My favorite drink is a martini. FALSE
Margaritas are my favorite

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