Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

True or false statments about Playgirl

Please guess which are true or false. Just type TRUE or FALSE.

1. My favorite dish is chicken cacciatore.
2. On Thanksgiving, I always have a drumstick.
3. I was once buried alive.
4. I excel in English grammar.
5. I buy expensive clothes.
6. I have a Confidential Clearance job
7. I have a Secret Clearance job
8. I love to sew.
9. I excel in Calculus
10. I excel in politics.
11. I excel in finances.
12. I excel in literature
13. I excel at dancing.
14. I have an Associate’s
15. I have a Bachelor’s
16. I have a Master’s
17. I am a party animal
18. Once a month, I go to an ancient cemetery to find total peace.
19. Ghosts live in my house.
20. I’ve had a stocker in my life since high school.
21. I love Livejournal.
22. My favorite game is Solitary.
23. On Halloween, I cuddle with my nine four-legged babies, and watch blood and gore movies all night long.
24. I love eggplant.
25. In real life, I’ve been in love twice.
26. I once almost died when I caught Meningitis
27. I sleep about four to five hours.
28. I masturbate.
29. I am the creator and web-mistress of eight websites.
30. I have trapped over 40 ferial cats and had spayed, neutered, and micro-chipped with my own money.
31. I have 20/20 eye vision
32. I have three jobs.
33. I am a maid.
34. I am totally inconsistent.
35. I can only love or hate. There’s no in between for me.
36. I always eat breakfast.
37. I ride my bicycle once a week to Juarez, Mexico to buy mangos, then go to a nearby park and eat all of them.
38. I play the piano
39. I love thought provoking conversation.
40. Most people think I’m strange.
41. I love to be around loud people.
42. I can’t swim.
43. I have a secret crush on at least three of my LJ friends.
44. I love to flirt.
45. I have a picture of my mother in her coffin on top of my night stand.
46. I have three best friends.
47. My yard is 1 ¼ acre.
48. I have one brother.
49. I love peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches.
50. I am a perfectionist.
51. I am a diabetic
52. I am for the death penalty.
53. A gentleman once mistook me for a beggar and dropped a quarter in my cup.
54. I was homeless at the age of 13 years old.
55. I envited one 14 year incarceration felon ex-convict to live in my backyard.
56. I have eleven dogs, and 15 cats.
57. I smoke cigarettes
58. I smoke pot
59. My favorite drink is a martini


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