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Five Questions:

1. I watched on the Investigation Channel: Why Is bin Laden Alive?

Do you believe Osama bin Laden is alive? Why? (Optional)

I honestly believe he died years ago!
Why Is bin Laden Alive?

2. California will vote on Proposition 19 which if passed, it will legalize pot use as a means of enjoyment. I am for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, but to legalize it for recreation; I am totally against it.

If you lived in California, would you vote YAY, or NAY? Why? (Optional)

3. Should resturants have the right to ban screaming children?

I say ABSOLUTELY!! What do you say? Why? (Optional)

4. I absolutely love Lady Gaga! Do you? Why? (Optional)

5. My respects to ALL religions, but out of respect for those who died in the Twin Towers, and for their families, I feel the Muslim mosque should be built much further away.

Are you for or against the mosque being built so close to ground zero? Why? (Optional)

Lady Gaga 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in LA


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!


Sep. 15th, 2010 09:05 am (UTC)
1.Is bin Laden Alive?

Bin Laden is "alive" because certain parties need a hate figure. When he dies a new "hate" figure will replace him - one of the Iranian leaders perhaps. Or Sarah Palin - grins.

2. Proposition 19

Yay for pot - don't like the stuff myself - but if people enjoy it without causing harm to themselves and it digs a hole in drug baron's profits then great.

3. Should resturants have the right to ban screaming children?

They already have the right to ask parents who can't manage their children to leave - they should exercise it sensibly.

4. Gaga!

Ermm - Why?

5. Muslims and twin towers

No - we need the space for more porn palaces and strip joints in the area to show our true respect for 9/11 - sheesh!

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