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Pastor Terry Jones burning the Koran (Quran) on 911 - Muslims

Pastor Terry Jones burning the Koran (Quran) on 911 - IslamPastor Terry Jones burning the Koran (Quran) on 911 - Islam

Pastor Terry Jones from Gainesville Florida isn’t a man of God; he's one of satan's demons. If this hate monger goes through with burning the Koran on 911, he and his supporters will be solely responsible for countless deaths of many of our American soldiers, not to mention the outbreak of terrorist attacks to American citizens here at home.

If Pastor Terry Jones is so enthusiastic in inciting Christian and Islam hatred by burning the Koran on 911, then he and his 50 followers should catch an airplane to the Muslim world and burn the Koran in front of the billion Muslims. Would he do this? Hell no, because this despicable beast along with his followers are cowards who don’t give a damn about the deaths they will cause, because these attention seekers more interested in getting their 15 minutes of fame!

I sure wouldn’t want to be in this so called Pastor Terry Jones’s, and his followes shoes when a few Muslims confront him someday, and be assured they will, for committing the ultimate sacrilege of burning the Koran.

To live in peace is to respect all religions. For as long as we have an infidel such as Terry Jones, peace among man-kind will never happen, and when the blood shed among our soldiers in Afghanistan, and we the people of America starts, we’ll all know who to blame!

Jones doesn't carry the spirit of the Lord's teachings, but of the devil, and for our salvation, I hope with all my heart that the Lord smite Pastor Terry Jones and his followers before they carry out their evil deeds of burning the Koran, which will start a holy war as we've never encountered before!

I would like your thoughts, whether they differ from mine or not, on Terry Jones and the burning of the Quran on 9-11-2010 (Saturday).

Quran Burning Issue: Terry Jones vs World


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