Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Jill fell down and broke her crown...

Last night, I decided to get on my hands and knees and paste wax my hardwood floors. Right before I started, I grabbed the two kitty litter boxes from the basement and placed them right next to the fireplace. I had planned on emptying them later in an empty trash liner I had in the front porch. When I finished waxing, I stepped back to get the buffer, and without warning, I slipped sideways. I DID NOT just fall. The left side of my body flew full force (about 4 feet) across the room. I distinctly remember my nose and face dragging across the (dirty) kitty litter box, and then while still flying; the right side of my head hitting the edge of the fireplace. I continued flying like a rag doll side ways (my left side) across the front of the fireplace where I landed on my left side in an almost fetal position. Grandpa says I was passed out for a few seconds. When I came to, I couldn’t move, because the all the toes on my right foot were in agonizing pain. I was sure I had broken them all. Slowly I tried wiggling them, until all slowly moved. I was relieved that they weren’t broken. Grandpa helped me up and led me to my computer room. Little by little, I started feeling sharp pains in different parts of my body.

These are the injuries I received from that fall:

1. My head started to throb with pain, and found I had a huge long bump on the right side of my head that ran kind of like a hotdog from the top of my head, all the way down to my right ear.
2. My five right foot toes were in pain.
3. Right above my right ankle (both outer and inner), I had big red painful welts.
4. My right elbow and wrist were in bad pain.
5. The tip of my right had finger, (the finger I use to throw little birdies at people who tailgate me or get in front of my car without warning) was dark purple.
6. When my left eye started to throb with pain, I went to the mirror and saw a huge big purplish bump starting from my eyebrow down to where the top bone ends on the top of the eye. I found a tiny little cut on the outer part of the eye.
7. Right now, I have a black eye.

I’ve fallen many times in my life time, but this fall is a total mystery to me. All I did was fall sideways, but I had to have been twirling over and over in mid air before I finally landed, since back, right and left side of my body received some pretty nasty injuries.

Grandpa says he heard about four loud bumps on the floor when he found me sprawled on the floor. My flip flop shoes must have flown about also, because they were found in opposite sections of the room. Poor Grandpa still can’t calm down from the fear he felt when he saw me there.

I’ve been sore all over today, but I’m doing fine, so fine that I now find what happened last night comical.


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