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I am NO holy roller, nor am I a monk, but PLEASE let me get this off my chest or it's going to explode!!!!!!!!!

"I remember that in the time of childhood
I was very religious; I rose in the night,
was punctual in the performance of my devotions,
and abstinent. One night I had been sitting
in the presence of my father,
not having closed my eyes during
the whole time, and with the Koran
in my embrase, whilst numbers around us
were asleep. I said to my father:
"Not one of these lifeth up his head
to perform his genuflexions,
but they are all so fast asleep
you would say they are dead."
He replied: thou also wert asleep
than to be searching out the faults of mankind.
The boaster sees nothing but himself,
having a veil of conceit before his eyes.
If he were endowed with an eye
capable of discerning God,
he would not discern any person
weaker than himself."
Saadi The Gulistan
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