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The War

One of the reasons terrorists destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center was to destroy America’s economy. At this point, I believe they’ve come close to accomplishing this.

I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of money that has been spent on war since that horrible day. Sure, I was one of those who wanted the U.S. to go after Bin Laden and destroy him, but we ended up in Iraq instead of Afghanistan. Now the war switches to Afghanistan, and I see no end of war in sight.

I want this war to stop now. I want the killing of our American soldiers to stop now, and I want them back home now. I want ALL THIS MONEY THAT'S BEING SPENT ON WAR stopped now, so this country can spend it in building back up this country that’s falling apart. America's infrastructure is falling apart. People continue losing their jobs, their homes, not to mention their dignity.

What have we the American people gained from this endless war?
What have the 911 terrorists gained from their 911 attack?

I want this war to stop right NOW!

Thoughts please.


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Aug. 22nd, 2010 04:05 am (UTC)
Stopping this war now is wishful thinking. It matters not if a Demo or Rep is President, this war will go on for years and years.

There's a part in the Bible (can't recall where) where it says something to the effect that when people help those in need, their own land will thrive, and hunger will never be known to them (those who give). I honestly believe this country has always been blessed by God because we as Americans are a giving and compassionate people.

You know that in my eyes, President Obama is trying the best he can with the mess Bush left behind.

Thank you daddy for your input. I always enjoy your rants about Obama, but they always go in one ear and out my other. I still love my forever hero (you) anyway!

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