Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

I smell doom in the air

There’s one word that has always irked me beyond belief, and that word is “elite”. I have often read a few people’s LJ where they refer to themselves as the elite, which I always find comical since the definition of the word elite is (persons or groups of the highest class). Don’t these fools realize that you can't mix oil with water; that opposites repel? These wanna be elitist will never make the grade, unless they are close to being filthy rich. The elite are the ones with the astronomical big bucks; the ones who run not only our lives, but also this world?

Why was there such outrage by BP Carl Henric Svanber’s Freudian Slip when he called the people affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as “the small people?” Isn’t it true? Do you and I have any say when it comes to our lives, and the preservation of our world from all these super rich people? Of course not! We ARE the “small people.” Have you not come to realize that the extremely rich run our world by doing whatever it takes to become even richer? Greed is what drives them. Do you believe for one moment that all these greedy, beyond belief super rich (people) companies give a damn about the earth, the animals, and us “the small people”? These people (the true ELITE), and there are MANY of them, realize their role in the utter destruction of our environment. These donkey holes see what has become of the dolphin, sea turtles, birds and the place they once called home. They see what their greed has caused all those who depended on the ocean for their family’s livelihood.

I’ve often wondered if space travel (which we the “small people” financed) to another plant already exists, and they, the ELITE know that when they’ve destroyed our planet, they can pack themselves along with their families and their big bucks in a rocket and start a brand new life.

Perhaps I’m going crazy to have such thoughts.

How useless it has been when we “the small people” have always made sure that the oil is disposed of properly every time we have an oil change on our vehicles, or recycle everything, or do so many more things in order to preserve our ONLY world. You and I can shriek from the top of our lungs in outrage, but it’s to no avail, because we are the “small people” whose voice matters not.

Do you smell and see what I see and smell? That the animals of our world, and we the “small people” and earth itself don’t stand a chance?

Do you smell doom in the air?


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