Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

May and June have been rough

I had uninvited out of town relatives – AGAIN. They stayed two weeks. As for calling them relatives, I’m almost sure there’s only one drop of blood, if any, that makes us kin. I’ll never understand why my house is always the chosen one, since I’ve never in my life visited them.

Someone graduated from high school, and they all – 19 of them - came for his ceremony, and to celebrate. I did not go. Seven of them took it upon themselves to stay at my house, and without notice, decided to celebrate right after the ceremony at my house. It amazes me how they expect for me to not only give them all of their daily necessities, but to also foot the bill for their celebration. I went to Sam’s and bought lots of cokes, beer and chips, and nothing else! I never permit anyone to take advantage of me, but when it comes to relatives, I’m unable to say no.

I always keep my gate locked, but since I had so many vacationers, it was impossible for me to keep my gate lock. This is why another (I honestly believe there is zero kin blood between us) relative from this city dropped by with her son to give me a graduation invitation, which was to be on the same day. I didn’t even know the guy, since this woman has something like 8 kids and no husband[s] or job. I realized it wasn’t the boy’s fault, so I gave him a big hug and $10.00 as a graduation gift. This same woman lost a son due to drug overdose, which broke my heart, but I found myself among the selected few to pitch in for the funeral.

May was a living nightmare.

My vet finally had to euthanize one of my outdoor dogs. He went peacefully and with out pain yet.

I had to hire my attorney again about my irrigation rights, and again, the end results were very satisfactory.

My Dad has been sick for over a week. I’ve been staying at his house to care for him, and for my own peace of mind. His appointment is July 1. I’m scared to death, and praying his cancer isn’t back again.

June has been a nightmare, too.

Next posts will be about what’s going on in our world, or my 4-legged babies, or anything that will take my mind off my woes.


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