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Evilight, I am thoroughly impressed. I have copied it and put it in a little frame which stands atop the mantel of my fireplace.
No words could ever convey how you have
made me feel. I love it and thank you!

I feel I must share this with my LJ Friend's.

This is what LJ user Evilight wrote in his journal:</a>

"This sonnet is dedicated to lj user: playgirl. I do not know much of her, nor does she know me, but this sonnet is nevertheless dedicated to her. I started out writing a poem for Hannah, then it became dark and I thought of Sarah. As I finished the first stanza, what hat started as an innocent poem, became much more. It became a symbol to the brutality and carnage of today's times, and it was inspired by playgirl's entries. I had to scrap the entire thing and start anew, and it came out like this:

Like a tiger, prowling dark and hungry
Man and Gods set whetted appetites East.
Waiting patiently for the raven's feast,
As murderers brood with silent ennui.

A poor man's dreams, broken among the debris
Strewn with bodies. Nothing to say the least
Of prices paid by children to the Beast
Who haunts us all indiscriminately.

Like a shadow, warily clinging tight.
Lost in fear we hopeless endeavor,
While mirthlessly, we laugh in silent rage.
Inflicting pain with a juggernaut's might-
Thoughts of rationale, we seek to sever.
But what else can one expect from this Age?

Typical sonnet format of 14 lines, iambic pentameter, but what sets it apart, is that instead of my usual Shakespearean format and rhyme scheme, I'm dabbling in other fields. This is my first Italian sonnet (for those of you who don't know what that means, go look it up). Also I inverted the iambs."
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