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California and Juarez, Mexico visit

I've made all these pics small and as low-resolution so they'll hopefully download faster.

I spent a week in California visiting three of my brothers and got back Fri. It was very enjoyable, and will be sharing a pic at a time with each post I make.

Those who live in this border city are so close to the violence ridden city of Juarez, Mexico that if one throws a rock across the Rio Grande, it lands in their land.

This week-end, instead of riding my bicycle to Juarez, Mexico, I drove in my car, because I needed quite a few groceries, and to take pictures. I parked my car and started walking throughout the city.

The once bustling streets are now almost bare. Everywhere I looked, doors to shops had thick chains on their doors because they had been abandoned by business owners, since they couldn’t pay the outrageous money the extortionists demanded. One can’t help but see the sadness, hopelessness, and fear in the faces of the innocent. I hadn’t realized I’d walked for so many miles, that when it came time to start walking back to my car, it was already night time. Since it was dark, I searched for a nearby hotel, but noticed they ALL had large groups of federal police on each corner of the building. All of them were lying down on their bellies against sandbags with rifles ready to fire, so I decided to instead head for the bridge. I would have loved to have taken pictures, but I didn't dare for fear of being shot. I must admit I was a little scared for being out this late, but managed to make it back to my car, where I sped to the Paso Del Norte Bridge to get back the U.S. I will be going back to Juarez just a few more times since I still have to take pictures of a couple more places, but this time, as I’ve done many times before, I’ll go on my bicycle and perhaps those times will sadly be my last trips over there.

Already 1,000 people have been murdered in the city, and we’re just in the month of May. President Calderon recently said: "We have not hesitated to use all the power of the state, including the federal police and the armed forces" to weaken the cartels, he said. "We are hitting them, and we are hitting them hard." I don't believe this is true. There is no stopping the cartel. It’s too late. They are the epitome of wealth and power! Sure, Juarez has over 5,000 soldiers, and 5,000 federal police, not to mention the regular police also, but not ONE cartel member has been caught. The murders continue to grow, as the macabre manner they’re done. Heads and headless bodies strewn throughout the city are the norm by now, and the macabre manner of killings become more horrific. The other day, four decapitated bodies were found. Each one was dressed in women’s bra and panties. The 100’s upon 100’s of women murdered and thrown in the desert have yet to be solved.

Tried to take an inside pic of this old hearse parked in front of a funeral home, but it was locked.

As was this one, too.

The funeral home.

Quietly entered the funeral home and took a pic.

All those little businesses have been abandoned.

Broken windows by vandals of these abandoned precidio type little apartments. The wrought iron doors have thick chains with locks.

I saw this one that had the wrought iron door wide open. I only took a couple of steps inside to take a picture. I didn't go into the 2nd room for fear

someone could be hiding there.

I ate the best of the best fish and fixin's here.

As you can see by this picture, it was really late by the time I walked back after having walked so many miles. Before I got into my car, I walked to the

side of the street to take a pic of the traffic less street.

Since I was speeding to get to the border as soon as possible, I was sure the police were after me when I heard sirens and saw flashing lights behind me. It

was a big relief when I saw the vehicle pass me and find it was only an ambulance.

Just a few more blocks where I'll turn left and head for the Paso del Norte International Bridge.

Almost there.

Looks like I'll have to wait at least an hour.

I have my passport in my hand, because I was going to be next. After that, I was on (home sweet home) American soil!

This is one of many pics I took in my recent visit to California. I was lucky to see an all girls tattoo contest, and will share those pics soon.


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