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Poverty stricken children, and abused animals

It's not that I'm tooting my horn, because all in all, I'm not such a nice person at all toward the things I dislike intensely. When it comes to the causes in my life, it's an entirely different matter. The feelings I get are most rewarding. If you're reading this and don't have a cause, perhaps you can someday start one of your own choosing now?

Athough, we are all suffering in one way or another due to our economical situation, we still have many blessings in comparison to people in other poverty stricken countries.

My heart breaks into a million little pieces for the little children who suffer from abuse and hunger, and feel the same way about animals, because I love them with all my heart. Whenever I watch TV and see the abuse animals and children go through, I have to close my eyes, and although I can't bear to see these things, there is in a minute way I can help.

I have so much, yet I have so little. There have been times where I can barely make ends meet for my creature comforts, but it always amazes me how the Lord helps me financially when it comes to helping in such a tiny way the causes I have in life (animals, and little children).

There are many organizations out there, but I chose World Vision ($35.00), ASPCA ($22.00) which are automatically deducted (with my permission) each month from my credit card. I have been doing this for 2 years.

Smile Train is another recent one.
When I watched the Oscar winning film (documentary), I knew I had to help at least one child born with a severe cleft mouth. I started saving last year, until I finally had $250.00 to put a smile on a child's face in India.

Two years ago I went through countless pictures of children throughout the world, it was hard to decide, but when I came across her picture two years ago, my heart went out to her instantly. I call her Edith. She, her mother and father now have clean, fresh water from a borehole sunk close to their house. In the most recent pic, you can see my little Edith wearing her first brand new dress. Edith is an only child and lives 420 km from Lusaka, the capital city of the Republic of Zambia, Africa. Since I don't have children, I love this little girl as if she were my own.

An excerpt taken from a long letter dictated by Edith to a sponsorhip committee member:
"Recently I recieved 1 Colgate tooth brush, drinks, biscuts and a new nice dress."

Have to buy a frame for this pic where Edith is wearing her very 1st brand new dress.

I love animals with all my heart, and it kills me when I hear of someone abusing them (Michael Vick for example).

I do not give one cent to the Human Society in my city, because they didn't help me one iota when it came to trapping over 30 cats and having them spayed, nuetered, and micro-chipped. I even had to buy my own trapper!! This Wikipedia gives you an idea how ASPCA helps abused animals.

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