Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Rice Burner Motorcycles

A friend since childhood and from Austin, Texas called me up about a month ago. Albert was very excited because he had just bought a motorcycle, one of those "rice burner" type.
He said he was having the best time ever, driving way over a 100 miles per hour. I told him that it was insane to drive so fast and that he had better cut it out. Albert, who is a healthy, handsome, lean 6' 3" tall guy, told me he was an excellent driver and knew what he was doing.

I have been worried sick about him, ever since he told me about the cycle and have felt it in my bones that he would eventually get hurt.

I got a call a few hours ago from his mom. She told me Albert had had a terrible accident last night around 1 pm. He's in critical condition with a head concussion, face injuries, 2 broken legs, a broken arm, broken hip and punctured lung.

I just don't understand how could he have been so foolish? I am greatly saddened and worried sick and hope and pray that his life will be spared.
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