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Reuben Sandwich

I sometimes wonder if I'm German Jewish, because of my love of the Reuben Sandwich.

I looked up the origin of the Reuben Sandwich and tend to believe Arnold Reuben as the actual inventor of this delicious sandwich.

Reuben Sandwich

I made a really delicious Reuben Sandwich.


Since I didn't have RYE BREAD, I improvised with 1/4th slice of submarine wheat roll
Deli corned beef (I bought mine at Sam's)
swiss cheese (I recommend Castle Wood Baby Swiss Cheese)
Sauerkraut (recommend Vlasic brand - in a jar - never in can)
Sandwich sauce
Slices of Kosher pickles (recommend Vlasic brand)

Sandwich Sauce:

Add to a small bowl add:

1 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup catsup
1/4 cup sweet pickle relish
A FEW sprinkles of Splenda or regular sugar (optional)
Mix well

Spread both top and bottom of the roll with the sauce
Add as many layers of swiss cheese as you want
Add as many layers of sliced corn beef as you want
Top with DRAINED sauerkraut
Micro wave just for a FEW seconds
You won't see the kosher pickle because I was out of them.

Note: I found rye bread at Alberton's and bought a small loaf that was quite expensive. I also bought a bag of rye flour, and some caraway seed, because a loaf will be much more less expensive by my making it myself.


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