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North Carolina - Juarez, Mexico

I've always had this comment in my User Info. page, and have decided to post it each and every time I express my feelings on controversial topics.

I sometimes write about controversial topics. Should you find you have opposing viewpoints from my own, please express yourself freely, but without name calling when I express my own. I have an open mind and RESPECT whatever concepts you may have on any given topic. I will expect the same RESPECT from you, too.

Now, on with the show:

1. North Carolina:

Back in October of last year, Glory, Norma, Lolly and I decided to go have lunch at Kiki's, which serves the best Mexican food ever. This place is pretty close to Ft. Bliss, so it always attracts soldiers.

While we were eating, this soldier came and introduced himself to us. After talking for a little while, he asked me for my phone number, and since I liked his personality, I gave it to him.

He called me and invited me to an event the Officer's were having at the Officer's Club in September, and since I hadn't gone out with a MAN in like forever, I accepted. I'm glad I did, because the evening was very enjoyable. The food was delicious, as was the wine.

Ever since then, we've seen each other quite often. He invited me to go to his home town of North Carolina for a couple of days for the Easter holiday to meet his family. They were wonderful, as were all the people of North Carolina I encountered. Never had I encountered such friendly and wonderful people.

When we returned, I found that I could like way too much this wonderful man. So, for personal reasons, I told him I wouldn't be seeing him anymore.

I took quite a few pics, and will be doing a write up, along with the pics for my website. Just as soon as I complete it, I'll give you the link.

1. Juarez, Mexico

I continue to go to Juarez, Mexico alone, because nobody will go with me, not even Norma. I decided to drive over there this time, instead of going in my bicycle. I went on the 13th of March, never knowing that the American Consulate staff had been gunned down a day before close to the border.

In another post, I will share some of the pics I took, and write more in-depth about the things I saw.

The drug lords are NOT winning; they HAVE won.


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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