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Roofer, Creepy People, Trespassing, Rheumatoid Arthritis

When it rains it pours, and these past few weeks, it’s been pouring non-stop.

1. I keep Oreo, and Duke (the starving homeless dogs that I mentioned sometime ago) confined in the second section of my back yard ever since they killed one of the kittens that entered my back yard, and to protect my other dogs that are as sweet as can be. Both dogs, Duke a German Shepard, and Oreo part pit bull, are looking absolutely beautiful, and both are HUGE.

I have a feral cat that I named The Roofer. I gave this cat this name, because he/she chose to live on top of the roof of my house. The Roofer only comes down to eat and drink water with the rest of the MANY other feral I have.

I went one morning to feed Duke and Oreo, and found body parts of a cat strewn all over the yard. It was my Roofer. I just can’t understand how, and why on earth Roofer decided to enter that part of my yard, since I had the fence extended many feet higher to make sure they wouldn’t be able to jump the fence and attack someone. It seems to be the never ending story of my life to have to pick up, or scrap with a shovel dead cats from the street. Although my heart was breaking by each piece I found to put in a little box, I didn’t scold the dogs, since they didn’t know any better.

2. Remember the new neighbors, with all their creepy friends down the street with the expensive van like vehicles. Remember I was looking like a witch, sweeping the outside of my house with a broom, and since none of the neighbors (MEN & WOMEN) had the guts to confront these people to tell them to lower their BOOM box, and tell them that if they didn’t the police would be called? Remember I was the one who went, with broom in hand to educate them, and when I mentioned the word POLICE, they immediately stopped the BOOM box? Well, they never did it again, and I’m positive they’ve dubbed me La Bruja (the witch) of the neighborhood ever since.

Recently, I noticed that everyday, they’ve been having a giant rig (diesel truck) parked in their front yard. My neighborhood is NOT commercial property, and stuff like that lowers the value on homes.

Again, I went over there and knocked on the door, and told the woman who answered that she was going to have to remove the rig from her yard. She told me it was none of my business, and that they could do whatever they wanted with their property, and for me to get out! I told her she was wrong, and that I was going to report her to the proper authorities, and that’s just what I did. The rig is NOT their anymore.

3. I was riding my bicycle, and noticed this big dog barking ferociously at a mid sized kitten. The dog couldn’t quite reach the kitten, since it had cornered itself between a dog house that only consisted of two boards nailed together (kind of like teepee style). I knew that the dog would eventually catch the kitten and kill it. I started yelling, in hopes the owners of the house would hear me, but it was all in vain. The house was surrounded by a rock fence that was about 2 ft. high, an iron fence about 7 ft. high extended from the rock. I got on top of the rock fence, and then started to pull myself up the iron one, then I jumped. When I finally managed to calm the dog down a little, I grabbed him by the neck, and held him tight while I reached with my other hand and grabbed the frightened kitten. He scratched me horribly, but I held on to it, and then through him over the fence to safety. I have no idea where it went after that. Since I was now a little calmer, I had a very hard time climbing back over the fence, and when I did, I found my tennis shoes all full of dog poo. When I looked back into the yard, I found dog poo all over the place, proof that the owners had never taken the time to clean it.

4. I’ve been having a lot of problems with Jerry. Jerry and Oscar are the two dogs I ended up with since my brothers lost their homes in California, and had to rent an apartment. Of all my 14 cats, and 12 dogs, all were once homeless except for Oscar, Jerry, and Jewely. Jerry has becomes extremely jealous when I start showing love to my other little dogs, and becomes a bully. The other day I was showing affection to Panchito, when Jerry suddenly grabbed him by the ear and nearly tore it off. I had to rush him to the hospital (dog hospital) because it was a Sunday, and my vet closes on Sundays. Panchito’s dangling ear was stitched back on, but now looks kind of like a shriveled up cauliflower.

5. Another one of my dogs has severe rheumatoid arthritis. When I picked him up from the streets a couple of years ago, he was already pretty old. I have to give him twice a day, 300mg’s Canine Aspirin, 100 mg’s vit. C, 1,500 mg’s, and 1,200 mg’s Chondroitin Move Free joint strengthener. He has started to cry a little, even after all this medication. I can hardly wait for the warm weather so he’ll start feeling better. I’m very worried about this dear old dog.

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