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As I've mentioned before, Shadow People live in my house. I'm not crazy, and I’m NOT joking! Someday, I'll go more into detail, but for now, let me share with you what happened the other night.

I keep an exhaust type ventilator (when it's on, you can hear the motor) in one of the laundry room windows that are kept on during the entire day. Right before I go to bed at night, I go and turn it off. The other night, I entered the room, walked to the window, and turned the knob to off. It didn't turn OFF. I could still hear the motor. I continued to tinker with the knob, but the motor kept going. I then got the cord and pulled it out of the electrical socket. It didn't stop! I stood there confused for a little while, looking back and forth at the ventilator, and the plug which was lying on the floor. I tried to figure it out, but then I realized there was nothing to figure out, so I just walked out of the room, and went to bed. When I went to check it out in the morning, the ventilator was off.

By and by, this is the exact window one of my dolls started dancing all by itself a couple of years ago!

There are so many more things to tell. The coo coo clock incident was among the most terrorizing incidents of all. I’ll explain in another post.


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