Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Almost lost my baby!

Jewely had a terrible accident last night at about 9:30 pm. She loves to run FAST all over my backyard with all my other dogs. It was dark and she bumped into the hitch of a small cargo trailer, cutting herself right between the eyes. She cried dreadfully and started having convulsions.

Thank goodness Norma, who is a good friend of mine was visiting. I had her drive to the animal emergency hospital because I was crying hysterically and praying that she wouldn't die on me. After the vet stitched her up, gave her a shot and checked her, he said that she had had a concussion. He gave me 2 prescriptions, which I'm giving her twice a day.

What a long and terrible night. Four hours, we stayed at the hospital.

This morning, she seemed to be doing a little better. Only those who know what it is to love dogs can understand how heartbreaking it is for something like this to happen. Our lives revolve around one another. I love all my animals, but Mickey and Jewely ARE my life. I'm so grateful that God spared my little princess.

Now I find something funny about lasts nights scary event. Norma has never owned a pet, and the almost human-like method I treat and care for my animals is very new to her. She never new there existed a hospital for animals. When I screamed at her last night to drive me to the emergency hospital, she assumed I meant our county hospital (HUMANS HOSPITAL) and was headed there. Luckily I noticed in time. Can you imagine both of us rushing into that hospital with my little dog in my arms? I'm sure we would have been plastered all over the front page of the newspaper, or worst yet, found ourselves locked up in the funny farm!

Another thing that happened to me today was that I lost control of my car and almost flipped over. I had a dear friend as my passenger and who is Well known for being a nervous wreck and a back seat driver. I'm an excellent driver and was driving on the freeway, as cool as a cucumber, when he yelled, "JESUS! WATCH OUT!" When I heard him yell this, I assumed somebody was going to crash into us, so I jammed on the breaks. Well, we just about got ourselves KILLED!! What's so appalling about all this is that there was absolutely NO DANGER in sight at all! After many minutes of shocked silence on my part, I blew up and let him have it with a double whammy. I SCREAMED at him this would be LAST time he'd ever be a passenger in MY CAR and that the ONLY way I would ever permit him in MY car would be only if he would let me blindfold him first!!!

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