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1. I have developed an incredible crush for the fictional character Lt. Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami! For now, I think he's the sexiest man on earth! I drool every time he pulls down his sunglasses, and gives that look that nobody can imitate! I love the way he keeps so calm, the way he stands, and the sound of his voice!

2. I spent close to two weeks in California for the Thanksgiving Holidays. I Went to Death Valley. I'll probably create a web page especially for it with a small write up, along with the many interesting pics I took. Just as soon as I complete it, I'll direct you to it.

3. Tiger Woods infidelity sure was a disappointment for me. Seems like most men cheat on their wives, and for this, I have never, nor will I ever trust any man with my heart.

4. That little stray puppy, Peanut, I found in the street, is so darn spoiled and happy! He's gained weight, and his fur is now soft. He's gotten his Parvo shots, and in a couple of weeks, I'm to take him back to my vet for the rest of the shots he must have. One problem! He seems to have a fetish with my shoes. When I wake up in the morning, I have to walk all over the house to hunt for my house shoes! What a stinker! My other four indoor 4-legged babies love him to death, especially Jerry.


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