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Looks like somebody has implied that I am a porn whore.

I created my website, Sexy Legs Playgirl Webcams Live, a few years ago. Although, its content is provocative, it is not porn, infact, the usual "movie stars" appearing in my cam are my two toy poodles, Mickey and Jewely! The reason I have worked hard and put so much effort on this website is because I make more money from my ADULT AFFILIATES than I do from my regular job. The competition is fierce, due to the fact that there are many beautiful cam girls who are on the web, with affiliates, also.

I also have 2 other ROMANTIC domains, Amor Postales and Romantic Love Secrets.

For being among the first who joined Live Journal, I was considered an Early Adopter. The creators of LJ spent a large amount of time and energy to afford this wonderful outlet of FREE expression and communication to its members. About a week ago, I decided to have a Paid Account because I have found immense enjoyment with my LJ and felt it was time I started showing my appreciation to LJ by paying for the service.

I take pleasure in surfing LJ's and if I find something, which interests me, I add that person to my "Friends" list. The furthest thing from my mind is to expect that person to reciprocate. I have always found the best way to examine things in life is with an "open mind," (any form of hatred or vengeance is excluded). For those who wish to add me to their Friend's list, I welcome you with open arms. I judge no one; I never belittle, and do my best not to hurt anyones feelings. If I find someone to have dissimilar views on some subject matter from mine, I respect those views; I NEVER go into someone else's LJ and leave some insolent or derogatory comment. I'm a pretty pleasant person, BUT when someone, whether it is through MY LJ or in REAL life, maliciously and viciously insults me, I in turn will cut that person up to tiny shreds without the use of intimidation or foul language.

NEVER, throughout the years I've been out on the Internet, have I received such impertinent and discourteous remarks about my pseudo name, moral fiber, website and LJ. NEVER, until today, when this person, left the following statement in MY journal:

Hey there, I noticed that you added me as your friend this weekend. Ummm, I don't really know how to say this, but your name reference that brings one to think of the magazine PlayGirl and PlayBoy really aren't something that jives well with me & who I am. I am extremely against pornographic material of any kind. I am not one to preach AT ALL and don't look down upon the people that participate in it's viewing, but I don't want to have to look at it myself. I'm sorry, but I won't add you to my friends list. I'm sure you're a very nice person, but it's your right to have your journal and post anything on it,just as it's my right to not look at it etc....

Thanks, I hope you don't mind taking me off your friends list.

Dear Miss Exemplar, (you know who you are)

It would have been so much more simplistic and tactful to have just written, "please delete me from your list."

When I added you to my "friends list," I failed to read further into your journal and had I done so, I would have never considered adding you. After you left your NEVER-ENDING judgmentally "holier than thou" comments in MY journal, I went to read your entire journal.

"Ummm," what "jives" me more is reading your brutal and ruthless portrayal and annotations about that 74 year old woman (who WAS your co-worker) and admitting to posting that unfortunate elderly woman's work number in a community and having people call her and hang up on her. You're despicable. "Killing" "hitting her with a blunt object" stunned and chilled me to the bone.

And here you have the audacity to write what you wrote in MY journal! I could of sited your link here, but I don't want to expose my friends to that manner of demonic degradation of a poor old lady.

Of course, I would not mind deleting you from my list, you rancorous booger! You WILL be purged from MY Friends List, at the time of MY CHOOSING, then good riddance! Here, feel my old Army boot up your aaaaa....?

It is evident you are a malicious person, and should I come across any form of future harassment or retaliation via my Journal, for exposing you for who you really are, such as posting my user name in some community, as you did your ex co-worker's work phone number, I will have great suspicions as to who will have been accountable for it. NEVER have I found the need to ban anyone. Although, I don't believe you will ever attempt leaving a comment in my LJ again, but just in case, I've banned you. Another thing, you and I belong to a couple of LJ Communities, when I post there, KEEP AWAY from me!

May 12, 2004 - AND ANOTHER THING I MIGHT ADD! I would hate to imagine how the family of that elderly lady would react if they found their grandmother's picture, which you took through methods of deception, spattered in your LJ, along with most demeaning comments you have about her. I wonder who the next unsuspecting victim at your new job will be.

I may be wrong, but I do believe it's a criminal act, taking your 74 year old ex co-worker's picture, under the guise that it would be for your personal use, then placing that picture on the web, along with the cruelest and most humiliating description possible about her, AS YOU HAVE DONE, without her knowledge nor consent.

You know, Miss Goodie Two Shoes Exemplar, that old lady is somebody's mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, etc. You know, it is very possible she might even be my grandmother!


P.S. When I get home after work and classes, I read my journal. So, for those who in the future, prefer to be deleted from my list, JUST POST "you want to be deleted from the list" and I will respect your wishes immediately and without reproach.

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