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1. It looks like a lot of us Demo’s I didn’t bother to go out and vote.

When I voted last year, I voted for change, and I believe we could have had the change we wanted, but the Democrat party proved to be a bunch of delicate pussy willow pieces of tissue paper.

I will never again waste my time by voting, because I found that it really didn’t matter. One would think the Republicans were the ones who won last year. They played tough and dirty, and the Demo’s just sat back and took it all.

I still love President Obama, but I will never again vote for anyone.

2. Yeah, I’m a Catholic, but I must say it’s becoming harder and harder to swallow the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, and all churches for that matter.

The church donated something like half a million dollars to fight against gay marriages. My question is if they are so against same sex marriages, why did they keep it hush, hush when many priests were found to be sex offenders? And why did the church pay millions upon million on lawyer’s fees to defend these priests?

And what about hypocrites like Jimmy Baker, and that odious man, Jimmy Swaggart, who was caught not once, but twice with prostitutes. I looked for the youtube video where he says something to the effect that if a man touches him, he will kill him, but he has deleted it.

Why throw stones at gays who want to marry, when so many traditional marriages are a farce, filled with adulterous affairs!

What a wonderful world this world would be if only people would live, and let live!


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