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No choice but to make this ugly post

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Sometimes ignorance IS bliss, 'cuz I'll be dog gone if the truth dribbled out. I have lost count of the times in my life when I've been called ever every ugly name in the book, but they’ve come, and continue to come from people who have been neither here nor there to me. Never have I lost any sleep because of it, but this time it's different.

Had I not deleted two people in particular, I would have continued fooling myself that they at least had a few nice feelings for me; the type of feelings human-beings have for other human-beings. Boy was I wrong.

I cannot lie. Their piercingly cruel, and sneering slurs dug deeply, because I've always held the utmost respect for both of them. I’m stunned and filled with sorrow, since both are extremely intelligent and educated people. I suppose I could have a great big tantrum right here and now, but I won't. I'll leave my outbursts, tantrums, and flying little birdies for the town hall meetings, and the GOP, or for those times I experience road rage when I get behind the wheel of my car!

They sure did accomplished what they set out to do, and that is to plant a seed of doubt my mind for humanity. These two people are good friends with each other, and now I seriously wonder how many times my posts caused them to make cruel jokes about me. What makes it all the more tragic is the fact that they are both HISPANICS, just like me.

I must add a few rebuttals in my defense to a couple of comments they expressed in their LJ’s:

1. When my LJ friends oppose my views on any given topic, they know that they have every right to, since my journals are, and will always be a freedom of speech and expression place. When someone here calls me a bitch or what-not, it doesn't daunt me at all. This is a place for all of us to vent our frustrations. Now! It's DIFFERENT in my REAL life. There have been a couple of guys who have made the grave mistake of showing me serious disrespect. These guys instantly found themselves with black and blue balls, along with their dick. Just because I’m littler than they were, they never realized just how well the U.S. Army trains their boys and girls when it comes to settling scores, or self-defense. Besides, having grown up as the runt among 4 boys in the family, (for the sake of survival), I soon learned how to defend myself. :o)

2. When I had close to 600 pals on my FList, only about 5 or 6 were girls, not because I wanted ONLY boys (Lord knows how I tried to get females on my list), but because the girls who I'd add to my FList, would soon see the link to my Playgirl cam site, and demand I delete them immediately, and I quickly did without saying a word, that is until one of them left a LONG and NASTY comment in my journal. (I'll soon share the exact just so you can see how nasty she was with me.) Needless to say, she immediately stopped posting in her own journal. I do have an Achilles heel, and she made the big mistake of poking it. The ones who accepted me were open-minded girls who had confidence in themselves, and their beauty. I ONLY deleted two of them, because they rarely left comments in my journal.

As you can see, one of them told me to get over myself. HAH! He shouldn’t have said that, because I always tend to do just the opposite of what I'm told.

As for that guy I mentioned yesterday; the one who very recently passed the bar exam, and who is now an attorney; he contacted me yesterday to tell me he’s joining the U.S. Army next week. I MUST stop him from doing such a foolish thing! Although, he’d go in as an officer, unlike me who joined as a private, Afghanistan is no place to be, even for an officer!!

Back to the two who hurt me feelings. Here are the upsetting comments they left in their journals. I don’t believe they’ll mind, since it’s obvious they wanted me to read them. The reason I’m posting them here is because I’d like for you to answer a question for me. Am I wrong in now thinking that they disliked me, and was the butt of their jokes from the very beginning?

Here is the post each one made:

Commenter 1: It may seem silly, nay, ridiculous, to be annoyed by being de-friended by someone on LJ. Normally I think the same however, when said friend claims she is de-friending people for not paying her enough attention but still manages to keep most of the males on her f-list including the misogynistic assholes who have treated her with monumental disrespect, I can't help but be insulted and pissed off. So sorry I didn't interrupt your sausage fest/whiner bukkake sessions often enough with my respectful and friendly though admittedly rare comments enough for your tastes. I just have this mystifying distaste for assholes who treat a woman with disdain and disrespect and I tend to avoid places where they congregate.

I wish you joy of your new, improved, testosterony f-list.

Commenter 2: Please remind me

Please kick my ass if I friend a complete flake ever again.

Not naming names because I am not about anyone harassing this person.

All I'll do is leave a quote from his/her last post.

"I want you to know that you’ve contributed an awful lot to my life in terms of knowledge and wisdom. "

Please don't credit me for your nuttiness.

Whatever. get over yourself.


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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