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Juarez, Mexico: A city without law

I rode my bicycle on this day I entered Juarez, Mexico. The first two pictures were taken at El Museo Histórico Ex Aduana de Cd. Juárez, Mexico.

Actual death mask of Francisco (Pancho) Villa.

These Flautas I ordered were delicious. There was a time when business was booming in all eatery places. How sad that I was the only customer there.

From the Sept. 1 thru Sept. 6, 98 people were murdered in Juarez, Mexico.

Since the last drug rehabilitation center slaughter of 18 people, on Wednesday, there was another rehab center slaughter where 10 people were murdered, including a doctor, and the director of the rehabilitation center. There were some who ran away, and the hit men broke into people’s home looking for them. After the soldiers and police arrived, they found 69 rounds of spent bullets from machine gun shell strewn all over the ground, and even some hand grenades!

On the same day, a federal agent was murdered, and five were murdered inside a restaurant, and six more at a car wash, including six other murders.

Families do not go to eat at restaurants or café’s anymore, because those are among the prime places where the hit men go to kill rival cartels, and the little café’s where food is inexpensive, the two time RATS enter with firearms and steal everything from these families.

I was very thirsty and hungry, so I took my chances and went to this little café where the food was excellent. The first thing I did was to shove my passport underneath the booth I was sitting, because without it, I would have had a hell of a time crossing back the States.

Unbelievably, 2,500 soldiers are to leave Juarez, and 500 new police will take their place. I’m sure they will all be slaughtered, because the police are prime targets for the cartel.

The murders have more than doubled from last year, and innocent men, women and children continue to die in the cross fire.

What is happening in Juarez, as already begun in El Paso. It started when that man that was kidnapped from his home and found murdered with his severed hands on placed on his chest. I like buying the uncensored Alarma Magazine in Juarez, and I bought this one on that particular day. The pictures are in it, as are many pictures that go beyond gruesome of the victims, but will not show them, since many can’t see things of things of this nature. It turned out that the victim, who owned a home in El Paso, was a rival member of the cartel, but what made it all so frightening was that they started shooting while that there were children playing in front of their own homes. Another thing is that a couple of sheriffs live nearby. What El Pasoans find amazing is, that these men abducted the victim around 3 PM, and the vehicle they drove in, had no license plates. What I ask myself is how was it possible for them to drive without plates from the border and return back with the kidnapped mann, and no one noticed it.

Just as soon as I find it's a little too dangerous to enter Juarez, I won't go there anymore.

I’m not too crazy about Governor Perry, but I do appreciate this:

Perry: Ranger teams to go to Texas-Mexico border


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