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I've Gone Crazy!

I keep having this nightmare that my Mama is a chicken and she's going into labor. She finally lays an egg with little beady green eyes and one strand of black hair. Yup, it's me!

I'm so sick of eggs that I'm starting to hallucinate. Every time I look at my little pet Wabbit, Honey Bunny, I envision her in a stew pot with potatoes and carrots. Holy Mother of God, I'm a "hare" away from becoming a cannibal!

I've been eating eggs for a couple of weeks. Hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs, fried eggs, pouched eggs, egg omelets, Egg Fu Yong, egg soup, Eggs a la Eggs, Deviled Eggs, Easter Eggs and egg sandwiches. BURP!

WHY!!? Because I'm broke. These are the after effects after taking a long trip for a little over a week!

All these eggs are now attacking my brain, too. This little song keeps playing over and over in my mind. HELP! SAVE ME! PLEEEEZZZE!

Scrambled Eggs

Have an omelet with some muenster cheese.
Put your dishes in the wash bin please
So I can clean the scrambled eggs.

Join me, do
There are lots of eggs for me and you
I've got ham and cheese and bacon too
So go get two and join me, do.

Fried or sunny-side
Just aren't right. The mix-bowl begs.
Quick - go get a pan
And we'll scram-ble up some
eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs.

Scrambled eggs
Good for breakfast, dinnertime or brunch
Don't buy six or twelve - buy a bunch
And we'll have lunch
On scrambled eggs.
- Paul McCartney

An appropriate quote for my egg rant:

You can't hatch chickens from fried eggs.
- Dutch Proverb

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