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Rep. Joe Wilson - You lie

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To behave in the hooligan manner we've all been seeing from Republicans for months, and demonstrating such disrespect towards the President of the United States is common among the GOP. They’ve endlessly made a mockery of what has been held as sacred to all Americans. What finally broke the camels back was that despicable man with the flared nostrils, and pointing fingers at our president and yelling, "You lie!" A man like Wilson obviously can't control his temper tantrums. What difference from a REAL MAN like President Obama, who continues to be polite, and keep his cool under any circumstances!

Sure, he apologized, but only because he was forced to do so. President Obama accepted Mr. Flared Nostril’s apology. I always remember Obama’s patience, and coolness when I’m about to get angry at someone, and I quickly calm down, but in yesterday’s situation, I would have walked up to that fool, and shoved his pointing finger up his nostril.

Wilson isn't so brave anymore, huh? Right after he displayed such unacceptable behavior yesterday, I went to his website and found and UNDER MAINTENANCE sign. Today, I found the site doesn't exist at all anymore.

Joe Wilson Rep representative from South Carolina

Care to share your thoughts?

Notice the GOP's smirkish sourface demeanor. That's what I've, and all Democrats have seen since Obama became President of the U.S. and we're all sick of it!


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