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Rep. Joe Wilson - You lie

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

To behave in the hooligan manner we've all been seeing from Republicans for months, and demonstrating such disrespect towards the President of the United States is common among the GOP. They’ve endlessly made a mockery of what has been held as sacred to all Americans. What finally broke the camels back was that despicable man with the flared nostrils, and pointing fingers at our president and yelling, "You lie!" A man like Wilson obviously can't control his temper tantrums. What difference from a REAL MAN like President Obama, who continues to be polite, and keep his cool under any circumstances!

Sure, he apologized, but only because he was forced to do so. President Obama accepted Mr. Flared Nostril’s apology. I always remember Obama’s patience, and coolness when I’m about to get angry at someone, and I quickly calm down, but in yesterday’s situation, I would have walked up to that fool, and shoved his pointing finger up his nostril.

Wilson isn't so brave anymore, huh? Right after he displayed such unacceptable behavior yesterday, I went to his website and found and UNDER MAINTENANCE sign. Today, I found the site doesn't exist at all anymore.

Joe Wilson Rep representative from South Carolina

Care to share your thoughts?

Notice the GOP's smirkish sourface demeanor. That's what I've, and all Democrats have seen since Obama became President of the U.S. and we're all sick of it!


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Sep. 10th, 2009 09:25 pm (UTC)
Counting the seconds till one of said GOP hooligans posts here with rationalization for behavior unbecoming a US Congressman...
Sep. 10th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
I think one has already arrived. heh heh
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(no subject) - playgirl - Sep. 12th, 2009 10:26 pm (UTC) - Expand
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(no subject) - tigron_x - Sep. 13th, 2009 09:31 pm (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 10th, 2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
LoL Democrats were doing this exact same thing to George Bush when he was in office. My question is how much money will Obama get under the table from health insurance companies when he passes the forced health care insurance into law. The insurance companies are going to make a LOT of money when ALL Americans are going to be forced to have health insurance by law. I figure Obama's 2012 campaign is going to be WELL financed by these companies who are going to pull a mint from his term from the insane profits they are due to make.

Granted at the state this economy is going under Obama's rule and hyperinflation which is inevitable, it may take 3 trillion dollars just to ride the bus across town as the American Dollar devalues. I believe the economy was one of Obama's many promises of things that would be fixed. I guess when he got in office and realized he had no clue how to fix it, he just diverted everyone's attention from the real problem (the economy) and hit a hot button issue like Health Care to divert Americans attention.
Sep. 10th, 2009 10:57 pm (UTC)
If the agenda is to maintain a fiat currency based monetary system, then there's no way for the economy to be "fixed" within two years, especially when tax reform is set for 2011.

Smooch! - playgirl - Sep. 10th, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC) - Expand
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Sep. 10th, 2009 10:24 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, I don't remember your moral outrage when the Dems heckled Bush. Guess the truth hurts.
Sep. 10th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
Actually, the Dems heavily refrained from heckling Bush until post-election 2006, when he was already being heckled by the general public. The Dems were quite busy from 2000-2006 being rather quiet with respect to Bush's entire agenda. This is rather amazing, considering Bush wasn't even elected with the majority of the popular vote in 2000. Furthermore, Bush never once brought forth any agenda that threatened free market philosophy, and thusly monied tactics were not allied against him in Congress at any point.
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(no subject) - stevie_stever - Sep. 13th, 2009 08:38 am (UTC) - Expand
the truth does hurt... - playgirl - Sep. 10th, 2009 11:55 pm (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 10th, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
Look at how unhappy all three of those guys are.

Politics is a dirty, dirty business.

Sep. 10th, 2009 11:43 pm (UTC)
The one on the left has such an evil smirk, huh?

Wow! was I ever wrong when I once thought politics was all about men of integrity!! :o(
(no subject) - nawlins_penguin - Sep. 11th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC) - Expand
Do they not care?... - playgirl - Sep. 11th, 2009 01:29 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - nawlins_penguin - Sep. 11th, 2009 01:38 am (UTC) - Expand
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Re: LOL U MAD! - tigron_x - Sep. 11th, 2009 03:58 am (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 10th, 2009 11:56 pm (UTC)
There are (at least) two issues here. One is disrespect toward the President and the other is maintaining decorum appropriate for the occasion. Joe Wilson violated the stated and unstated rules of the House in heckling an invited speaker. It would have been appropriate during a vigorous debate or campaign speech.

As for respect for the President: Respect is always earned and in the eyes of the Republicans he has failed to do so. That is their privilege. It damns them in the eyes of those less partisan when they cannot behave in a civil fashion however.

I don't believe that health care needs radical reform. Targeted reforms such as removing the tax exemption for employer-paid health insurance, regulation on the exclusion of preexisting conditions, etc, have a better chance of improving health. Wholesale change vastly increases the odds of unintended consequences that we'll have to live with for decades.

Sep. 11th, 2009 01:41 am (UTC)
unforseen circumstances
I agree with your first paragraph, but I must add this, the heckling and desrespect from Wilson would have been more appropriate had it happened elsewhere. Perhaps when they were alone? I don't think so, because men like Wilson know where, and where not to flex their muscles. When he yelled at President Obama, he felt very safe, because he was surrounded by his buddies.

The Republican's wouldn't respect Obama if he were Jesus Christ himself. They have shown over and over again, cruelty with their lies as I never knew existed in such high possitions as theirs. They aren't gentlemen, but hooligans in my eyes, and many more, and this is why so many Americans find the obnoxios.

As for your last paragraph, all I want is for all Americans to have affordable health care. I'm blessed for the time being for having the best, but it's very possible I could someday find myself in the same boat as the millions who don't have it, because of unforseen circumstances in their lives.
Re: unforseen circumstances - daddy - Sep. 12th, 2009 02:14 pm (UTC) - Expand
Re: unforseen circumstances - daddy - Sep. 13th, 2009 05:57 pm (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 11th, 2009 02:37 am (UTC)
Disrespect,hate,thuggery...Joe "Cracker" Wilson just had to put that uppity N-word President in his place, the repubs have their new Joe the plumber.
I'd be ashamed to call myself a republican but then respect for anyone dosen't mean to matter much to them anymore.
Sep. 12th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
Thug? BULLSHIT! if you knew Joe Wilson and were not prejudiced against him cause he was a southern conservative, you would find that he is one of the most soft spoken gentilemen you have ever had the pleasure to meet.

It was an emotional outburts because Joe knew that Obama was in fact lying through his teeth to the COngress and to the people of the United States.

You have eyes but cannot see and ears but will not hear.
(no subject) - drake57 - Sep. 12th, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - daddy - Sep. 13th, 2009 04:27 am (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 11th, 2009 03:46 am (UTC)
well it did result in this:

"I cringed," Rep. David Dreier, the top-ranking Republican on the House Rules Committee, said about his reaction to the outburst. "I think it's just unfortunate."

Even Sen. John McCain, Obama's recent opponent, chimed in on CNN to call it "totally disrespectful" and was one of several senior Republicans to urge Wilson to apologize.

from: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_pl897

unless the article is all lies propagated by socialists to cover up Obama's 10,000 fake birth certificates.
actually I believe Joe Wilson is a secret deep-cover socialist who deliberately acted like a jackass in order to sabotage efforts to stop Obama's Death Panels.
Sep. 11th, 2009 09:34 am (UTC)
What a despicable little man!
Sep. 11th, 2009 12:38 pm (UTC)
I love to watch whitey squirm
Racist white folks just have a hell of a time trying to treat the new black president like any other president. I'm voting black from now on!

(Deleted comment)
in short. - ninjaguydan - Sep. 13th, 2009 12:58 pm (UTC) - Expand
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I will have the last word! - ninjaguydan - Sep. 14th, 2009 01:12 pm (UTC) - Expand
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Re: I will have the last word! - ninjaguydan - Sep. 14th, 2009 03:58 pm (UTC) - Expand
Serious quesiton for you... - tigron_x - Sep. 14th, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC) - Expand
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Sep. 11th, 2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
Obama may not have lied about the illegal aliens getting services, but he did lie about adding to the deficit and about not reducing medicare.
Sep. 13th, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
Dave, the only thing he will try to do is to reduce the waste that's going on, which I'm all for.
Sep. 12th, 2009 04:22 am (UTC)
What I find disturbing is all the anti-President Obama comments that are all over YouTube (with the various versions of this video).

Whether people agree with him or not, or like him or not, I wish they could remember he's the PRESIDENT of our nation.

And as much as I personally disliked President Bush, I felt the same about him, by the way...

We should treat these leaders with a certain amount of respect, I think.

But whatever party we prefer, we do need to be equal and fair...

I'm shocked by the nasty racial comments people make about Obama. It's sick and it's sad. Yet he's in office and I'd never have believed it possible! So things are changing and improving.

Sep. 12th, 2009 07:26 am (UTC)
People have been bashing presidents for years. I'm not saying that it's right. I'm just pointing out how paradoxical it is to think that his darker skin color will magically prevent it from occuring when man has a history of prejudice.
(no subject) - playgirl - Sep. 13th, 2009 12:05 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - tigron_x - Sep. 13th, 2009 09:20 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - playgirl - Sep. 13th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 12th, 2009 02:01 pm (UTC)
Joe was truthful, Obama was lying and if you only open your eyes you can see what is direct;y in front of you.

We are proud of Joe here in South carolina just as people all over the country are.

I have not real all your post yet as I am do not have the time but I will comment further later when I have read all your comments and those who will invariably jump dead in my shit because I dare to support someone who is trying to hold tight to the truth.
Sep. 13th, 2009 12:03 am (UTC)
daddy, I've been reading up on that asshole, and unsurprisingly, found that he's a big time racist!
Re: WAY TO GO JOE! - daddy - Sep. 13th, 2009 04:46 am (UTC) - Expand
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