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Christianity, Holy Bible, the satanic bible, slavery

Much uncertainty in my head started when I made my prior post about the evils of slavery, and found in nebris journal this comment left by [info]alobar, which I replied back, which in turn, [info]gear_eagle left me this comment and this comment, which opened up the doors to many of the questions I had secretly asked myself about Christianity when she provided a link to the Bible which I read, and the other to the satanic bible which I exited out immediately after reading the title.

I was brought up a Catholic, and have always considered myself a Christian. I have read the Holy Bible from beginning to end, twice in my life, and there was even a time, before I became the sometimes obnoxiously naughty girl that I am, when I was one of those Bible thumping holy rollers. Anything I read were books that dealt with religion.

It was during this time I learned of the existence of a man by the name of Anton LaVey and the satanic bible. I figured since the Christian author of the book I'd learned this from, it would be okay for me to go and buy the book, which I did. I remember opening the first page with trembling fingers, and quickly slamming the book shut, and burning it in the trash can outside, then praying to the Lord to forgive me for purchasing it in the first place! I always kept this a secret until now.

I and another nut (the CRAZY nut who has stalked me to this day) would dress in long dresses with long sleeves and collars up to our neck. She and I would go into bars with our Bibles under our armpits and quickly yell at each customer to REPENT, before we were escorted (thrown) out! This lifestyle lasted for only a year.

Since then, my views about Christianity started to change, because I realized that all the hurt feelings, and harm that I encountered in my life, came from Christians who pounded their chests in HOLY, HOLY with their fists, and is why I've always prayed to the Lord to protect me from His people! One of many examples is, thanks to the VA, when I purchased my home.

There was this couple who must have been in their 50's, who would drive by my house, each and everyday to go to morning Mass. One time this couple had a neighborhood gathering at their house, and the man started bad mouthing the U.S. I've never been one to keep my mouth shut, especially when someone bad mouths this beloved country of ours, so I told him and his wife that if they felt that way, they should move back to the country they came from. I also told him that if it hadn't been for him and his family deciding to live in the U.S., then their SIX kids would never have been able to become the Electrical Engineers they now were, since Grants had paid for ALL their education. This infuriated them, so I just left.

After this incident, this Christian couple, who practically lived in church, started saying very ugly things about me, and even going so far as to draw suspicion towards me, as to how such a young, uneducated girl like me was able to afford buying my house, and then building a large garage and apartment in my backyard. Then, the water commission contacted me to let me know that they were taking away my water rights, which most of you know just about killed me for a year, because all my trees and grass started to die. I desperately needed those rights, because I had 1 and 1/4 acre of land. Of course, in the end, I sued the city NOT for money, but to have the rights they had STOLEN from me. I won, thanks to a miracle, and my attorney. I found out that this CHRISTIAN couple was the ones who caused me to lose MY water rights in the first place. There are some of you who saw and read the post, along with the pictures during that horrible time in my life, showing the destruction that was caused to all my property. One day I'll show the link, along with pictures of how I managed to restore my own personal paradise.

Believe me, I'm ALWAYS fair, but nobody fucks around UNFAIRLY with Playgirl! Their very dangerous slander towards me continued, so I hired a well-known private investigator from my city. I will not go into that long story, but in the end, this CHRISTIAN couple quickly went into hiding by selling their house and moving to Arizona! It's kind of funny, because I know exactly where they live. I even know how much their new house cost them, the square footage, and even the EXACT layout of the outside, and inside of their new house!! Of course, they have no idea! Wonder how they'd react if I knocked on their door someday with a welcome basket of goodies?!

Although, I am a Christian, and try to go to Mass every Sunday, I've haven't accepted many of the Catholic teaching at all, and I have NEVER hidden the fact from myself, or to mere humans that I am a sinner. God knows I have my own fair share of ugly skeletons in my closet. The people that SCARE THE LIVING hell out of me are those Bible thumping religious fanatics who believe they are better than most; who have done NOTHING for humanity but point criss-cross judgmental fingers at those they don't consider their own. These hypocrites are the worst of all with they outcries of FAMILY VALUES, and the proof has been those in public life (we all know who they are) who have been exposed for perversion in one form or another.

I'll never forget the year when I was 6 years old, and had to go to catechism once a week. The nun developed hatred towards me from the very beginning. She had no reason for this, since I was an extremely shy, skin and bone little girl who cause absolutely no trouble. I spent my entire year in the corner. Just as soon as I'd walk in the door, she'd yell that I get in the corner.

One day, my grandmother asked me to do her friend a favor, and go ask the nun how her little boy was doing because they didn't know English (I didn't either, but I tried to make myself understood). I walked to the side of the building and up the 3 stairs and asked the nun about the little boy. She looked at me with so much hatred, and told me it was known of my business, and then shoved me so hard that I fell down the stairs. I never told my mother of this, or of how that nun humiliated me in front of the class, or of how I spent the entire year in a corner.

I've never forgotten that nun, and wish I could confront her now, which is impossible, because I'm sure she's already six feet under since she was already quite old when she abused me so much. If I could, I'd grab her by the hair, drag her throughout the street.

Both times I've read the Holy Bible; I've wondered why there was so much bloodshed and violence. I've also wondered why children who were born out of wedlock were called bastards; I've wondered how a man could throw out his own daughter to a perverted sexual mob in order to save the person they wanted. I've wondered how the Bible condones slavery. I've wondered about Abraham having sex with a slave, just to have a son, then right after Sara bore him a son, also, Sara because her feelings of superiority, had Hagar and her baby were cast out in the wilderness to die. I've wondered how a woman and man like this could be blessed after doing something so inhumane with poor defenseless woman and her baby.

When I read the following in a book I once read a long time ago, I was surprised again at yet another era in time of violence and sheer of hypocrisy:

"The early Puritan settlers in New England had a punishment to fit every sexual transgression: whip lashings for fornication, scarlet A's for adultery, confinement in stocks or pillory for newly married couples after the wedding. Yet despite these severities, some estimates concluded that fully one-third of the children born in late 18th century New England were conceived out of wedlock."

I fear no one, but I do fear offending the Lord by having doubts, and have kept these questions locked in my mind always. This is the first time I've opened the gates of my mind to some doubts.

As a child victim of violent crime, the thing that has kept me from going insane has been my belief in Jesus Christ. I'm starting to have doubts, and I feel that if I lose my faith in Him, I will eventually go mad.

Have you ever had doubts? Do you have any personal thoughts on this topic of religion (Christianity)?


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