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From the Queen of Sizzling Hot From Texas & the Half Ton Safe

Among my many different talents :o), cooking and baking are the ones I most excel in. The cooking and baking bumblebee has stung me again.

Not too long ago, I made a giant pot of these homemade chili beans and cornbread (with corn). Believe me when I tell you that they tasted delicioso, and were so cheap to make! This pot of chili beans, and the cornbread was enough to feed me and Grandpa, plus friends who would stop by to visit, for over a week.

2. This morning, I decided to go back to the man who sold me the Coca Cola machine I showed you a few weeks ago. I remembered seeing something that interested me an awful lot. It was an antique safe that weighed close to a half a ton. I asked him about it, and he told me that the door to it was open because he didn't have the combination to it. I told him that I might be interested in buying it from him and made him an offer. He accepted. I then told him that I would first have to make some phone calls to see how much it would cost me to have it towed, and also to find some company that worked on combinations.

After a few calls, I found a towing company who would tow it for what I thought was a good price. I also found this place that specialized in figuring out the combination to old safes. I then went back to the man to let him know that I would be buying the safe, and paid him for it. The men with the tow truck arrived, and had a hell of a time with the monstrosity, but were finally able to get it in the truck. They then drove to the company that works on combinations. The man was able to figure the combination pretty fast. Then the tow truck drove to my house.

I had planned on having it in my house, but they told me that it weighed almost as much as some cars, and since I had hard wood floors, it would destroy them. I finally had them leave in my backyard driveway. They told me that it was a first time for them, where they towed a safe, and were amazed by the incredible weight of it.

What I'm going to do is, go to that place down town, where all these men gather by the bridge in hopes of people stopping by and giving them a job, and ask for someone who knows how to work with cement. Then I'll have him make me a solid type of cement flooring right up against one side of my house where I have this huge juniper, and call the men again to come with a bobcat or something, and put in on top. The juniper will hide if from view, and I'll cover it with a thick plastic to protect it from the RARE times we get rain.

It's filthy right now, but it is really something incredible, and will hopefully show you pictures of it today, or tomorrow, then when I scrub it clean, I'll post more pics of it.

I've tried to find some info. on antique safes on the web but found very little. When I post the pics, and give the info I found on the safe itself, could you kids try and find as much information on it as possible for me?


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