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The Face Of Cancer

Last week, I went to the downtown public library, and sat across this very distinguished and nice looking man who had a large bandage across his jaw. Being the curious woman that I am, I took a chance and told him I couldn’t help but wonder why he had such a large bandage, and wanted to know how he’d hurt himself. He told me he had the bandage on because he had cancer. We then started into the conversation I asked him what his name was, how old he was, and if he was married. He gave me his name, and said he was 55, and was married, and did not have children.

He shared with me so many things that not only shocked me, but also broke my heart, which I will share with you here. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking the bandage off so I could see the cancer and take a picture. He was so sweet that he said yes, and this is why you’re seeing a picture of what I saw; cancer eating away part of his jaw. I have cropped the picture so his face won’t show, as I will not share his name out of respect.

To make a long story short, this is more or less what he shared with me:

He has a college degree, and had a good paying job with insurance. Thanks to hard work all his life, he owned a big beautiful home, he and his wife each drove a nice expensive car, they had beautiful expensive furniture, vacationed to far off lands just about every year, and he had a very nice little nest egg for a rainy day. When he found that he had cancer, he had to constantly get the astronomically expensive treatments, but he thanked God he had insurance. He found he was losing his battle with cancer right away, and because of the treatments, he found he was missing days of work because he felt so ill. The cancer wasn't getting better, and realized he losing the battle fast, so fast that he started feeling very ill, which made it impossible to go to work on a daily basis. He lost his job, and insurance. He was told he could buy United Health Care insurance. Of course, that was impossible, because the monthly payments would be over $500.00 a MONTH, with a $500 deductible, and since the insurance would pay something like 80% of the bill, he would be responsible to pay out of pocket the rest.

I’ll fast forward with this long story. In the end, not only did he have to sell his beautiful home to pay for the medical bills, but also spend every penny he had saved all his life. He bought a tiny home for himself and his wife. Now at present time, he’s been told that he will have to sell his small home so he can continue getting medical attention to try and save his life.

As President Obama has said, he and all those in Congress, etc., will never have to worry about things like this, because they have EXCELLENT insurance which gives them the very BEST of care. So, why is it that the GOP and their insane followers are fighting health reform? Don’t they realize that the same situation that happened to this man could happen to them? It is so DAMN obvious that most of the anti-reform thugs seen on TV, are on MEDICARE, and haven’t a care in the world when they must get medical help from their doctor or a hospital. Can’t they see beyond their own nose, and see that millions of responsible families are now without insurance due to job losses, and that millions dying because they life or death medical needs, cant have it because they can't afford the outrageous monthly payments to insurance companies?

You and I could also fall victim to the horrors of cancer, or other possibly fatal illness, or a close to fatal accident. If the insurance companies, and all those involved in getting the $$$ win this battle which they are fighting against in the most ruthless, and repulsive manner, what the hell is going to happened to you, and your children, or me if without warning we encounter a catastrophe of the magnitude I’ve mentioned in this post? Most of you know that my Dad has prostrate cancer. He still has many more years to qualify for Medicare, so he lives in fear that the day will come when he won't be able to work, and the same thing that I just now shared about the very man who shared his story with me, doesn’t happen to him!

Let’s not forget for a moment, that health care reform was one of the MAIN reasons we voted for Obama!


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