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The continuation of my Big Lie

I decided to use this picture I took sometime ago at Saint Pius Catholic Church, in hopes that you’ll look at it and find it in your heart to forgive me when I tell you my big lie.

Seriously! I now regret very much that I made yesterday’s post about the horrible secret that I would be telling you about – The Big Lie of my life. I now find myself very much afraid by what your reaction will be when I tell you. Will you forgive me, or will you be pointing criss-crossed fingers at me in rage? If you do, I won’t blame you.

I realize most often my sweet disposition, and normal thinking is sometimes overpowered by my warped up wicked mind.

This Big Lie has to do with where I came from, and I’m sure that when I tell you kids, one of you just might report me to the authorities, and its okay, because it’s already too late for me. I’ve already prepared myself for the confrontation I’ll be having with the police, FBI, and …. If you’re asking yourself why I’ve decided to spill the beans now, the reason is that I very recently found that I had no choice, since someone found out about my terrible lie, and threatened me with blackmail. After giving it a great deal of thought, I decided that I would not succumb to the demands, and just let the cat out of the bag myself.

I told you I had a warped up wicked mind, and I hope I didn’t anger you too much to find that I tricked you. When I made the first post about The Big Lie, I later kind of regretted it, but I found that since I had already started it, I had to take it to the very end. I hope it gave you a giggle, but if it didn’t, and find it unforgivable, then wipe me off the face of your FList. I won’t blame you.


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