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The time has come for many of us to part

How melodramatic of me, but I mean every word in this post. Just in case this post has been missed today, or tomorrow, I will make a link of it and add it for a few days in my future regular posts.

I’ve been giving this much thought for quite a while. I have quite a few people on my FList who have either no interest in their LJs, or who have never commented in my journal, or who have not replied to a comment I’ve left in theirs, or who I just have a feeling that some don’t like me at all.

When I make a post, and those who are so sweet to leave a comment, I try to reply to each one of them. Yes, there have been times where I’ve decided to wait longer to reply to someone’s comment, only because I want to have some time to think of what I will reply, only to find that I’ve waited too long and somehow forgot to do it. I also realize that those who have LJs can’t always write or read their pals posts, because I’ve found myself in the same situation many times, due to stuff I must attend to.

I have left comments, only to find that I have not been acknowledged, and I can understand that, but when it happens twice, or more, then I begin to wonder about that person, and especially when that person replies to all those who commented except me.

A long time ago, I used to make sure I go and send birthday wishes to LJ pals on their birthday, but stopped because there were many times when those people wouldn’t say anything, and sometimes I would go back, only to find that everyone else who left birthday wishes had a thankful reply from that person. You know, I believe it would be so much better to have that person just say “f**** you” instead of my sitting there like a bump on a log.

One thing that REALLY hurt my feelings was when I made a special post inviting you all to see my new site RomanticLove whatever the F****, so you could see pictures of all my animals, and especially the pictures of my little five year old African girl Edith (one in her very first brand new dress, along with the two letters I’ve received) I’ve been sponsoring for over a year. Nobody bothered to take the time to go see her or my own dogs and cats, or the dogs and cats I’ve also sponsored for over a year.

I am going to do some changes on this LJ. I’m going to experiment and change the link I now have, to my Romantic site. I’ll keep an eye to see if it lowers my traffic there (which has pretty good traffic). The way search engines now work, is by how many links from other sites there are on your site. If I find that I’m losing traffic, then I’ll put the site back as a link. I've never made a post in those 20 something, or whaterver communities, and may just post a comment in hopes of finding new LJ friends that I feel are interesting, open minded, believe in our Freedom of Speech, and are still interested in intermingling their thoughts and ideas with others. I’ve given thought also to making this journal FRIENDS ONLY, since I’ll be posting some extremely controversial topics that are on my mind. My mind still gets the sillies sometimes, so I’m sure I’ll be posting some funny Playgirl naughtiness, too.

The time has come for those of you who are reading this, and if the shoe fits, for us to part. I am going to start deleting again a whole bunch of you (one has already been deleted for starters). I really don’t care if I end up with only a handful of LJ pals. At least I do have quite a bit of faithful ones who I appreciate so much, even I have a few rascal who calls me names. I won’t tell you when I do it, and I hope you won’t tell me if you decide to delete me first, because as you and I both know, we’ll find out through our email.

To those I’ll be parting from soon, with all my heart, I wish you the very best life has to offer.


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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