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I have another LJ (PILLOWTALKICONS) where I've been a paid member since 12-2007. There are 17 who were so sweet to join that journal, and I'm so sorry that I have never kept up with it since. How patient you have been, but I don't believe I'll ever keep up with it. If those of you who are LJ friends there would like to leave it, you won't hurt my feelings because I'll understand. I will always pay to be a paid member there, because I DO WANT TO KEEP IT ALWAYS, and since I've paid for extra user icons, I'll just create a bunch and put them on my user info.

Again, I kinda hope you'll leave yourselves there on my FList, but again, I'll understand if you don't.

I also have another paid member one where about 50 of you accepted my invitation to join. Again, you have been so patient with that one, since I've only made about to posts since I created it. I'll eventually start making posts there, also. In that one, I will hide my honest to God TRUE feelings, and the posts there won't be anywhere as radical, or will they ever have the sometimes touch of naughtiness I post in this one. Since that other one is connected to my 100% FAMILY FRIENDLY web site, posts there will only be be SUGAR n SPICE, and EVERYTHING NICE. YUK YUK! :o(

HELP HELP HELP - I have a question that I hope someone can answer.

When I created that journal (PILLOWTALKICONS), I made it FRIENDS ONLY. I now do NOT want it as FRIENDS ONLY anymore. Where do I go to change it to PUBLIC?

I have decided to ever-so-often use this PLAYGIRL journal to share some of the LJ icons I've made, and if you like them, take one or all. As always, you DO NOT have to give me credit as others demand, but if you would like to, go ahead.


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