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About My Prior Post & Boot Camp Life

There a few webmasters out there who steal pictures or graphics and claim them as their own for their own websites. I learned the hard way, and now I put the URL to my domains on pics I've purchased to download. The pics of myself, or pics I've taken myself of places and things, I add "Photo by Savanah".

The vintage photograph is of the members of Women's Volunteer Defense Corps during WWII.

Two LJ friends are upset by the manner a few of my LJ friends have reacted towards me in my prior post and other post where I've expressed my heartfelt political views and I love them all the more for it.

Yes, I could delete them, but I never will, even though I’ve been called unsavory things. There are 100’s, who have deleted me in the past from their FList, because they couldn’t handle what I had to say about controversial issues, or even when I’ve posted obnoxiously naughty stuff in my LJ. There reactions have been neither here nor there for me, because I really don’t want LJ pals who aren’t opened minded, or who have thin delicate tissue paper for skin, because they can’t stand to hear my sometimes radical thoughts that differ from their own. I have no time for pussy willows! I will always stand firm in my beliefs that all of you have a right to state your views, no matter how much they differ from my own. If I start deleting those I get upset with, then I’ll truly be a hypocrite.

If you’d like to see what the life is in Boot Camp at Fort Jackson, you’ll find some Youtube videos at the bottom of this post.

I was 17 years old when my parents signed the Army Recruiter's papers so I could join the U.S. Army. If I survived Boot Camp in Fort Jackson, (Basic Combat Training) (BCT), which treats both boys and girls EXACTLY the same, and survived a total of 4 years in the Army with an honorable discharge, I am more than able of surviving ANYTHING life throws my way! Sure, during BCT I thought of going AWOL, but since I’ve never been a quitter, I stayed, and I give thanks to God now that I did because the Army made a hell of a tough woman out of the snot nosed girl I was. The only thing I can almost NOT survive is the abuse, and death of animals.

I hope my last post got all the frustrations out of my kids, who, believe it or not, I love alot! I’m sure they, as all of us are, going through some rough times. Now, I wish they would kiss and make up, since we’re all Americans! :o)

I compare my mind to the many Cable channels on TV. The channels in my mind switch continueously, because my interests vary from this, to that, to EVERYTHING. I am not one to shut my mouth, so if some political issue should rub me the wrong way, as those mobs on the health reform issue do, I will express my feelings, because I have a RIGHT to do so, just as you have a RIGHT to oppose me. I will be expressing my feelings on racial issues, naughtiness, among other things also, so if you find you can't handle me, then feel free to delete me from your LJ pals list. If you do, don't tell me, because I'll know when you do, and I'll delete you immediately, also.

These are among my most favorite quotes. The first quote - I will not deal with people such as these in REAL life, or here, and the second quote - my spirit will never be destroyed by anyone!

"How small is the life of the person who places
his hands between his face and the world,
seeing naught but the narrow lines of his hands!"

”You may deprive me of my possessions;
you may shed my blood and burn my body,
but you cannot hurt my spirit
or touch my truth.”

- Kahlil Gibran






Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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