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GOP Thugs At Health Care Forums

GOP Thugs At Health Care Forums

What the hell does the Bible have to do with Health Care Reform? These people are evil Bible thumping thugs, just look at them. I feel they are extremely dangerous thugs who are capable of anything, even violence, and should be arrested!

We need drastic health care reform, because it is a crying SHAME that this country has so many without health insurance because they cannot afford the outrageous, and sinful price. Thank God I have Aetna because of my job, which pays 100% of my medical bills, dental included, and all I have to pay is $20.00 for medication. Yes, I'm lucky – so far! But Cancer and Diabetes runs rampantly in my family. What will happen to me, (I am single, and 100% on my own) should I develop Cancer? I'll lose my job, my insurance, and then what? I won't be able to get any kind of health insurance, because insurance companies refuse to insure Cancer victims. I am a home owner, and have some savings, plus I've been contributing to my IRA since I joined the Army. For this reason, I will not qualify for any kind of medical help, and will have to sell my house, spend my life savings, then what? It will not be enough to pay for the astronomical bills that will accumulate by treatment.

My Dad has Prostate Cancer, but he has the same kind of insurance I have through his job. He has to get a PSA test every 6 months to see how his Cancer is going. So far so good, but he will have to do it again on Sept. 10th. What if the Cancer has spread, and more extensive treatments are necessary? Then what? He'll lose his job, and insurance. He'll have to sell his home, spend all his life savings, and when all his money is gone, and savings, then what? Remember, no insurance company will accept him, and this is a fact!

Okay, perhaps I will be safe from getting Cancer, but what if I'm involved in a horrific car accident, where I'm left severely maimed, and will never be able to work again? What then? One never knows what the future holds in store for us!

These evil GOP's are playing politics, they're playing with our lives, and they make me sick to my stomach. They nor the insurance companies don't give a horse’s ass if we live or die, due to lack of medical help. These disgusting FAT CATS are only concerned with getting richer, and they are doing everything possible, even using these disgusting, repulsive, STUPID people to do there filthy bidding!

WE, the people voted for Obama, because WE wanted change! So, why so much concern what the GOP think and want? I'm keeping my eye, and you should too, on some of the Democrats, who seem to have sold their soul to the F-ing DEVIL!

Disgusting!@! PLEASE watch these two Youtube Videos!

Rachel Maddow: "GOP THUGS" At Health Care Forums


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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