Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
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Cats n Kittens

I've been lying on my belly from inside my front door for more days than I want to admit, hoping and praying either this one or the other female cat enters the trapper so I can pull the string I tied to the door of the trapper. I finally caught her!! Between these two cats, they brought eight kittens, eight more worries into my life. I immediately took her to my vet and had her spayed and micro-chipped!

This pic is very painful for me, because none of these four beautiful little kittens made it. The one you see is the one that horrible stray dog grabbed and ran off with, never to be seen again. One of the others is the one I ran over while backing my car from the drive-way. I now believe I ran over the other two, because I have never seen them again. I've looked everywhere for them. I'm wondering that the mother picked them up to try and save them. I still haven't gotten over the horror of that day, but again, I believe a lesson was to be learned, and that is for me to stress to parents, to always check behind, and under your car for little children, before backing it up.

This is the other female cat that I must capture. I know I'll be going through many days of hell, because she's the wildest of all, but I MUST capture her. I was able to find good homes for all the kittens you see her, which is a miracle, because nobody wants cats!!

The time has come where it is impossible for me to have more cats, since some asshole is reporting me to animal control, and I seriously suspect this same person is killing them with a pellet gun. As I mention once before, it's impossible for me to keep count as to the number of ferals I have, but even more of my cats are missing. This had never, ever happened before. Sure I've scrapped countless off the pavement, but never missing like forever.


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