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It's now or never.

Without YOU knowing it, this romantic web site I'll be promoting here, was inspired completely by one of you from this Playgirl LJ. I won't tell who you are, because I'm totally inconsistent when it comes to matters of the heart, and will most likely develop a BIG TIME SECRET crush on someone else in this Playgirl LJ.

The ALL ENGLISH web site I've been mentioning for a long time, was uploaded a couple of months ago. I'm far from finished, but it is time for me to start promoting it here, in hopes the search engines pick it up. I have over 2,000 pages with topics about everything, from Napoleon Bonaparte, to many articles, and poems I've written about love and what not. I've added many midi music of my favorite songs, which are mostly piano, since I love playing these songs on my piano.

I mentioned once the little five year old girl I've been sponsoring for over a year. I have created three special pages for her, where you will find pictures and letters I've received from this wonderful little African girl from Africa who I've come to love more than you can imagine. I'll be directing you to those pages very soon, as I will, the cat and dog I've also sponsored for over a year.

All the graphics were created by myself from many pictures I've taken wherever I go. I have also paid to download many pictures. All the pages were created with notepad, and I tried to use all my HTML skills on them. is my big time baby, because I've put all the things I love. You will also find pics of my twelve dogs, and all my cats I've mention often here.

If you find the time to surf these pages, and find errors I've made, please bring them to my attention. I created a code where you can send me your poems, stories, or whatever, so I can make a page for them, along with credit to you, of course.

I've also added the link to an ALL SPANISH web site I recently completed.


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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