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A lesson to be learned

Because of the loss of the kitten due to my own negligence, I was finding it hard to cope with. I don't believe in drugs, but I had to call my doctor and beg for an anti-depression prescription. Yes, I have lost countless cats because they have roamed outside of my front yard, but this kitten hit me the hardest, because I was responsible for its death. It was hitting me hardest through the sleepless hours of the night, and not only was the vivid picture of the dead little kitten embedded in my mind, but also a past ugly memory kept creeping into my mind; a time when I had no other choice but to bludgeon a little dog to death. I realize many feel I'm silly, or even insane, to let things like this affect me so drastically. Only an animal lover can understand fully how badly things like this make me feel.

A most devastating experience

I only had three options

I've had time to think beyond my own loss and pain, and focus on the many parents who have accidentally backed up their car, only to find that they had run over their own tiny child. What agony they must they be going through, so, I want to take this opportunity to WARN parents to always check, before they back up their car, to make sure a child isn't playing there.

I will continue taking the anti-depressants until a little more time passes, and I am better able to handle the memory of the tiny bundle of white fur I saw that day. The only real medicine is time.


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