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I have spent a fortune spading, neutering, and micro-chipping countless ferals. I believe this was one of my main calls in life. I've had the cats micro-chipped because if you are caught with a cat or dog which has not been micro-chipped, you will be fined $2,000. I have had over stray cats.

I realized that there could possibly be one or two cats that I didn't trap, and I was right. Within the 2 past months, I've had a total of 8 more kittens from 2 different cats. It is very painful to be an animal lover, and I've been slowly dying inside from the pain I've felt by having to literally scrap cats from the street pavement. I am helpless when it comes to protecting these wild cats that I love. Unlike my 8 once stray dogs, and my 4 little indoor dogs, one cannot keep them fenced in for their protection.

I mentioned a while back, that the dog catcher's truck was parked in front of my house. This happened on two occasions, and was unable to enter my yard, because I keep my 11 foot solid rought iron fence locked. I've not seen the truck anymore, and I'm positive someone reported me, because I have so many cats.

One day, I decided not to drive my car into my driveway, because I was exhausted to drive in, walk all the way to the front, and close the gate and lock it. In the morning, I found the tires of my car slashed. That same day, I found one of my cats dead on my porch. After thoroughly inspecting its little body, I found no wounds. I believe he was poisoned.

Someone is killing my cats somewhere, and I believe they are being killed with pellet guns, because I found 2 of my cats with wounds. MANY of my cats are now missing. Davy, Helen Keller, and 2 other of my indoor cats aren't permitted anymore to go outside to play, and get fresh air, because I am terrified they will be killed, also.

This past week, I left the front gate opened, because on my arrival from work, I had planned on showering and leaving for Sam's immediately. I hear my outside dogs barking, so I went to the porch window, and saw 2 strange huge brown dogs. One was running after my cats and the other in my porch where the kittens were. I almost broke the window, and then ran outside, but it was too late, because the dog had one of the kittens in his mouth. I ran after him, screaming and crying, but they were to fast for me. I didn't sleep that night.

Yesterday morning, I got into my car to leave for work. I slowly backed the car, got out and walked to the gate to close and lock it, when I saw blood everywhere, and a flat tiny piece of white fur. I slowly walked up to it, praying as my heart beat a mile a minute, that it wasn't what I thought it was, but it was. I ran over one of the kittens. There are no words to express the horror, and heartbreak I felt. I went and got a little box, pick what remained of the kitten, and placed him in the backyard to bury when I'd return from work.

I didn't sleep last night. I have felt myself slowly dying inside for a long time from the excruciating pain I'm constantly exposed to. I will never have control of this pain, because I believe stray little animals will forever find me, and I will never be able to turn them away.

I believe all true animal lovers feel the same way I do, and that is, that it isn't good to love animals so much.

To try and get my mind off of this gut wrenching pain I'm feeling, I will be making posts about racists, and racism.

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