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M.J, Ugly Foul Mouthed Heffer, Tylonol, Saddle Hill

1. I have so much to share about the horrible things that are going on in that country (city) I've been riding my bicycle into, and will eventually do so in another post which will definitely be FRIENDS ONLY.

2. I will finally lead you to the ALL ENGLISH web site I've been working on for over a year, and the other brand new ALL SPANISH one. Each one has over 2,000 pages.

3. Here is another pic of Nuevo León, Mexico. You can see in the far background the mountain called Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Hill). I had mentioned that I had planned the trip because I wanted to climb that mountain, but due to hearing of the outbreak of the Swine Flu on the day after I arrived, I was unable to climb it. My only concern was flying back home, because I had heard rumors that the borders might be closed.

I remember reading horrible things about Mexico, and Mexicans. People were blaming Mexico for the Swine flu; instead of placing the blame on the one's who might very well been the true culprits, which is an AMERICAN company by the name of SMITHFIELD FOODS. Here you can read about the filth this AMERICAN company has been creating for sometime there.

4. There's no denying, it pained me when I heard Michael Jackson had died. At first, I watched everything pertaining to his death with interest. How many days has it been now that he passed away? Eight, nine, ten days? Of course, it isn't Michael's fault at all, because he is dead, but isn't it about time to start showing something else, such as politics, North Korea happenings, etc.? The news media just doesn't know when to stop. Too much of something eventually loses its flavor. Eating too much of our favorite dishes, or constantly listening to our most favorite song will eventually make us barf.

I don't want to know what prescription drugs Michael was using. I don't want to know if some doctor prescribed them. Money hungry vultures (news media, lawyers, etc.) are trying to make some mystery of Michael's death. There is no mystery. I'm sure we all have taken prescription drugs, prescribed by a phycisian, that have made us deathly ill. We will all die from this, that, or the other, and there will not be a mystery to it, unless we are murdered, and the murder remains a mystery and at large.

Please news media, cops, detectives, lawyers, and what ever. P-L-E-A-S-E! Let M.J. rest in peace. Oh, and at the very bottom of this page, you can view the youtube video of the biological mother of M.J.'s kids. I pray this ugly, violent, foul mouthed heffer, who sold her children for lots of money, is kept away for those children!!

5. Tylonol! Why in the world was this new law passed? Is it yet another way for the pharmaceutical industry of making a killing off us poor individuals who must rely on Tylonol for pain relief? I believe I read somewhere where Big Brother passed some law, because some people were committing suiced with it. I'm sure there are countless ways of committing suicide. Take me for example, if I should ever try to kill myself, I'll just shoot my brains out, hang myself, or jump off a bridge, or just watch the old sarcastic Barracuda one time too many on TV!

I suffer from horrible migraine headaches, and Extra Strenght Tylonol, plus an ice bag placed on my forehead, has always been the only over the counter medication that has relieved me from the awful pain. Why couldn't they have left a good thing alone? I think I know the answer.


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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