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1. I've had my passport (my key to the world) for a long time, because I try to travel quite a bit. Before June 2 of this year, you could drive into J-Town, (Juarez, Mx.) and drive back just by saying "American" at customs. As of June 2, 2009, you MUST have a passport to re-enter the States. If you don't have your passport, you're stuck in Mexico FOREVER!

I make sure my passport, along with cash, is in a plastic baggy which I keep pinned inside my bra with a safety pin. This is just a precaution on my part, should I get mugged. I've been driving into Juarez an awful lot this year, but after having to wait in long line for up to 2, sometimes 3 hours, I've started parking my car in a parking lot located close to the border on the American side, then walking across. I've recently started riding my bicycle to get over there, making it much faster to travel throughout the city to take pictures. I have quite a collection now which I'll post, little by little, here soon, along with some of the pics I took on my recent trip to Nicaragua, and Washington, D.C.

You'll never guess what these adorable, and delicious pastries are called in Spanish! :o)

The pastries are called Pedos de Monja (Farts of a Nun). Seriously!

2. Men are COWARDS!

Men are cowards; at least the men who live in my neighborhood.

I live of the west side of this city, in what is called the upper valley, which is considered a tranquil and extremely nice place to live. The houses are a bit more expensive here, since most of our wealthy live here. I am among the very few who is dirt poor, but I was lucky, thanks to VA, where I didn't have to leave a down payment. My house is an extremely modest old home with 1 1/4 acre. All the houses around here have the same big properties; some have much more.

This weekend, I started to do some thorough yard cleaning, so I grabbed a rubber band, pulled my hair into a ponytail, put on my most favorite OLD, cool, and colorless dress, then put on some socks, and very old tennis shoes. I grabbed a broom, when I suddenly heard the loudest ear piercing music coming from a boom box I had ever heard in my life. I walked to the front of my yard to see where the hell the noise was coming from, as did many of my neighbors.

The noise was coming from this house down the block that had very recently been bought. We all stood there with frowns on our faces for the longest time, but not one MAN went out there to tell those people they were causing noise pollution. Not one!! I saw a girl of about 17 sitting on the curb in front of the house and I yelled at her to come, but she ignored me, so I went to her. I didn't realize I still had the broom in my hands when I reached her. I saw a bunch of very expensive SUV’s, and some motorcycles parked inside their property. There were a bunch of men outside drinking beer eying me with curiosity. I’m sure I looked like a witch because of the way I was dressed, and because of the broom! I was as sweet as could be to the girl on the curb, and told her I welcomed them as our new neighbors, and that they could listen to their music all they wanted, but I didn’t want to hear it, and to please turn the volume WAAAAY down, because this was a peaceful neighborhood, and we all wanted it to stay that way. I told her that I was sure that since they had just moved in, they’d really hate to see the POLICE dropping in on them ALL the time. As I turned around to start walking back home, I saw her run to the men. Suddenly, the music STOPPED completely, and has not been heard since. I’m sure the mention of POLICE, and not my broom, is what made the big difference! I’m positive they’ve dubbed me the “Witch with the Broom” of the neighborhood, and if they have, I could give a pin the tail on the donkey’s ass!

I've just now decided to share a few Nicaragua pics. I'll be posting many more.


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