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Abortion, Death Penalty, Notre Dame, President Obama

1. Why is everybody always picking on me?

My head is dangling down to my ankles. Why? Because of my prior post which caused many to gnaw at my throat? It's a good thing I have the endurance of a saint, a great sense of humor, nerves of steel, a heart of stone, and the hide of a crocodile! Oh well, what the heh, heh, heh...

2. Abortion – President Obama, and Notre Dame

Sorry, but the fundamentals of Christianity do not only cover the killing of the unborn, but of the living, too.

Those who are in an uproar about the killing of unborn babies, should also be in an uproar to abolish the death penalty. I am a Catholic. I am Pro-Life, because if I ever became pregnant, I would NEVER, EVER kill my baby. I am Pro-Choice, because women, not the government, have
the right to choose.

Plaster pics of aborted babies all over the place, so that those girls and women contemplating abortion will see the horror of a baby's tiny body ripped to shreds. Also, plaster pictures of actual electrocutions of men and women having their eyeballs melt down their cheeks. I personally consider abortion and the death penalty an act of murder, because both are helpless at the time they are being put to death.

Life is life. If your views come from a Christian's perspective - To be for the death penalty, and against abortion, is utter hypocrisy! Life is precious. The unborn baby, and the lowliest of criminals on death row (give them life without parole), have a right to life. The only time one has a right to take away the life of another is when one's own life is in danger, be it from an intruder, or in times of war.

I recently bought another firearm; a Ladysmith 60LS revolver.

3. Little by little, I'll be posting pics from my recent trip to Monterrey - Nuevo León, and of my trip to Washington, D.C.


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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