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Because of Buxom Blond, I Hate My ID Caller and Call Waiting!

I've been "a traveling girl" since last Thursday and just
returned from traveling all over with a few friends.
I will write about it in my next post.


My ID caller has proved to be my greatest enemy and recently lost a friend, Buxom Blond, whom I love dearly.

I speak the truth when I state that when I get home, I never even think of looking at my ID caller to see who has tried to contact me. Just as soon as I get home, I'm tired, sweaty, stinky and my bladder is full to the max. I throw myself on the floor, start barking and giving little kissy sounds as I give Mickey and Jewely (poodles) great big hugs and kisses, while they in turn, lick my face all over with kisses. Afterwords, I head straight for bathroom, then the shower. After showering, I head straight for the kitchen to cook some DAMN eggs. I run for my computer then the TV to watch Courttv, which I always record, then at the same time, I start reading my Live Journal Friends entries. @:o)

Buxom Blond got upset with me because she says she calls me and I never return her call. She honestly believes I don't return her calls on purpose and doesn't believe me when I tell her that I FORGET to look at my ID caller.

There's really no excuse for her being angry with me because she had access to me through MY CELL PHONE! This is NOT the time, for our friendship to come to an end. This is the time for mutual communication, because I have so many things to get of my chest ( no pun intended). She, more than anyone, is fully aware of the seriously difficult problems I'm having to deal with at this point in my life. She's the only one who can make me roll over with laughter. I need that laughter more than ever during these rough times in my life.

Sometime ago I rid myself of my Call Waiting because it was creating problems. I'd be talking to someone when the other line would beep. I'd answer and then have a difficult time getting rid of that person fast enough to go back to the person who would be waiting for my return. Sometimes I wouldn't get back soon enough and would find that person had already hung up.

First thing Monday morning, I'm getting rid of my ID Caller. These 2 phone conveniences have caused me to lose Buxom Blond and a few other friendships.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems like I have?


"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for
words left unsaid and deeds left undone."
Lillian Hellman
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