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Nancy Pelosi said today that the Bush Administration did not tell her or the members of Congres that they were commiting acts of torture through waterboarding. I tend to believe Pelosi. What makes me even more suspicious about the Republicans is, that they all keeps saying that this torture issue should be left alone, and we should just move forward. They should have told that to Cheney the draft dodger a long time ago.

If ever there was a time for a thorough investigation into who knew what, who did what, and who has lied about all this, this is the time. Gather all the involved which includes Pelosi, Cheney, Bush, etc., and put them under oath when asked some very serious questions.

To what extent did the horrors of torture go that the Republicans convinced President Obama not to show those pictures to the public? I still love Obama, but his decision not to make the pictures public really disappointed me. I believe we as Americans, have a right to see, and know exactly what went on behind the closed doors of that dungeon.

I wonder what the other draft dodger, Rush Limb Whatever, will have to say about all this.

I welcome your opinions on this controvercial topic, and I hope we can all get our point across without losing our heads completely. :o)


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