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Racists: White Supremacy, Neo-Nazi Skinheads, Christian Identity, Ku Klux Klan

I spent much of my weekend reading entries of some most unsettling Live Journal communities of white supremacists. The uncensored hatred oozed like blood at the seams. Although, I continued to read with much disdain, I decided to venture out further by searching the internet for more websites relating to racism and hate crimes, and found many.

I have always known of the existence of racists, but I never fully comprehended to the extent these hostile hate mongers went to provoke racial unrest. Many of these devil's advocates are anti-America, discriminate and encourage violent hate crimes against race, ethnicity, religions, those with physical disabilities such as cripples, people with mental disabilities such as retardation, and sexual orientation.

One man was overjoyed by the 9 11 terrorist attacks that murdered so many innocent victims and express his regrets that the people of New York had not been totally wiped out instead of the twin towers.

These LJ's and websites throughout the net are disturbing and I only add links for the explicit purpose of exposing their hatred, which frighteningly shows no bounds. One particular LJ'er made foul jest by placing a link of this child with " Down's syndrome, while others continued with cruel and heartless profanities calling them monsters, and other revolting things.

When I read in news, articles such as this, Rumsfeld says U.S. death toll in Iraq higher than he expected, it sickens me to know that our heroic heroes are out in a God forsaken country, placing their lives in such danger, for this country and its people, including these hate mongers. I find it ironic that these racists do not join the armed forces and spew out there hatred toward the true enemy, which is trying to destroy this country.

Yes, I accidentally entered these LJ Hate advocate journals and I'm glad I did. I'll continue reading anything I can find throughout the internet which pertains to neo-Nazi, White Supremacists, Black Separatist, Christian Identity, Adolph Hitler 'wanna be's' or Ku Klux Klan groups. As for the skinhead's I was always under the belief that all were racists, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the traditional, REAL skinheads are anti-racist. It's the Neo Nazi skinheads, the apocalyptic thinkers, that pose a threat to American society.

Awareness, close monitoring, and exposing these dangerous racist hate groups, whose intent is to incite racial warfare between America and its citizens, is of the utmost importance because they are incredibly dangerous to the vast majority. For example, this white supremacists from Texas had built a sodium cyanide bomb in other words, weapons of mass destruction!

What is objectionable, what is
dangerous, about extremists is
not that they are extreme, but
that they are intolerant. The
evil is not what they say about
their cause, but what they say
about their opponents.
Robert Kennedy


self-proclaimed white supremacist.

Anti-Semitic and racist Leo Felton and Erica Chase,
Plotting to attack Jewish and African American targets.

RACIST James Tyler Williams,
Burnt synagogues and an abortion clinic in suburban Sacramento, and murdered a Gay Couple.

RACIST David Tovey,
had a map of a mosque and addresses of Black and Asian people.

RACIST Danny Lee,
Murders an Arkansas family of three.

Hate crimes against homosexuals, Matthew Shepard,
was viciously tortured and murdered because he was gay.

Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City federal building bombing,
Hate crimes.


If you would like to post your opinions or rebuttals, please feel free to. I have expressed my views on racists. I READ YOUR comments,
but will most likely not reply. (Maybe, maybe not) I realize some will lash out at me, feel free to do, but please refrain from using profanity, derogatory or hostile posts.
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