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Washington, D.C., Dogs, Cats, Gumball Machines

Washington, D.C. I love you! BUT, I could never live there, because EVERYTHING is so expensive! How in the world do people make ends (finances) meet over there?!

I've been home since last Saturday, and I took so many wonderful pics! I ran like crazy all over the place, trying to visit as many places of interest as possible. I'll soon be making graphics out of them for the website I've been working on for over a year now. Why has it taken me so long? Because this site will have way over 1,000 pages, and for just about every page, I've made my own special graphics.

I've been so very busy, both at home, and at my job since I returned from Washington.

I found one of my cats splattered on the street a few houses from my own. It was one of my white ones, and I literally had to scrape him/her off the pavement with a shovel. The only part that wasn't run over was the head. It was so sad!

I now have 2 more dogs, which makes a total of 12 dogs!! My brother drove from California to drop them off, because the apartment he's renting won't allow pets. Remember when I told you one of my brother's had lost his home? Well, he's the one. I'll try and show you pics of both Jerry and Oscar as soon as possible.

A horrible thing happened to three of my gumball machines. Let me tell you! A few days before the HORROR happened; I had placed them all on top of my piano so I could take a picture of them. You all know how crazy I am about gumball machines, right?! Well, I had just gone to Sam's to buy some stuff, and when I got home, I asked my brother to bring the stuff in. He did, but he left the front door wide open, and one of my WILD cats got in. When Jerry and Oscar saw him/her, the started barking and running after it. The cat clawed on to my curtains, then jumped on top of my piano, then it jumped off, and three of my gumball machines came crushing to the floor. There were hundreds of gumballs and glass all over the floor. He then jumped on top of the Tiffany lamp Norma had given me as a gift, but I ran and caught it in time! My heart is broken, because I love my gumball machines an awful lot. There was a 4th gumball machine that was the baby of the gumball family. It was about 2 inches tall, including the little stand. How sad!!

I've already taught Jerry and Oscar not to bother Davy and Dolly, my indoor cats, by spanking them with an envelope when they start growling at them.

Oh, and my little Jewely and Panchito get very jealous when I start hugging and kissing Jerry and Oscar, and especially now, that I put them on the sofa to sleep with me. When I go to bed, I'm covered by 4 dogs, and 2 cats!

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"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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