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Nadya Suleman the Octo-Mom

This narcissistic, selfish, arrogant, and irresponsible woman, who has cost us tax payers soooo much money, has the kind of voice and face that I'd gladly give up my entire kingdom of gumball machines to SLAP SILLY!!

How dare she speak in such a disrespectful manner to her own mother?

Nadya wants to look like Angelina Jolie, but never in a lifetime will she ever accomplish looking the NATURAL BEAUTY THAT Angelina Jolie is! My question is where did she find the time, plus get the money to get plastic surgery, when she had at the time SIX little children, and now FOURTEEN??!! Another thing, how is it possible for a mother of FOURTEEN having LONNNGGG fake nails?!

How did she come to have the 6 children she already has? Did she have them by a human? And if she did have them by a human, where are these dads? Why have they not supported their children?

I've mention a few times that I have a stalker, and still do to this day, since I was in high school. Nadya reminds me so much of my FEMALE stalker. She looks and talks very much like this Nadya woman. She even has the same mouth, but the only difference is, that my stalker was born with a mouth like Nadya's FAKE mouth. Selma, that's my stalker's name, speaks both English and Spanish perfectly. Her vocabulary surpasses English and Spanish professors. When you first listen to Selma speak, you listen in amazement and assume she's brilliant, but after listening to her for a while, you realize all she says doesn't make sense! I honestly believe this Nadya woman is nuts, because Selma IS nuts!

In my next post, I'll tell you so much more about Selma. Now back to Nadya. She's apparently been offered ONE MILLION DOLLARS to do a porn film by some company by the name of Vivid Entertainment. I am not a prude and have nothing against porn, but I do when a woman with kids does it, and especially a woman with FOURTEEN kids.

Do you think she'll accept the porn offer? I think so! Come on, and spit it all out! What are your thoughts on this woman?

These are the pictures of Nadya before and after she had a nose job, and that stuff that's injected into the lips to make them very fluffy. If I placed Nadya inside a fishbowl, she'd look exactly like a fish.

Notice how exahuasted the grandmother looks in comparison to this woman. I'm sure she's the one who has raised the children 90% of the time. Notice how the nut keeps telling her own mother that SHE SHOULD HAVE LEARNED!!


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Mar. 6th, 2009 07:16 am (UTC)
First of, can I joi your other journal?

That gal is nuts. She should have married a mormon guy and became a baby making machine the old fashioned way.
Vivid makes porn with some of the best looking women on Earth. I wonder why they are interested in her?
Mar. 18th, 2009 02:03 am (UTC)
I wonder why they are interested in her?

Could it be because of her fake fluffy lips?

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