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Mr. and Ms. Blackbird

This is Mr. Bird

This is Ms. Bird

This Story Is For The Birds

My friends and family save old bread, chips, left over veggies and fruit for me. Whenever I go out to eat, I ask for a doggy bag for uneaten rolls, cookies, etc. I do all this for the wild birds that gather around my yard and I have 3 birdbaths for them to drink fresh water.

Just as soon as these birds see me in the morning, they start chirping for joy. My favorite birds are the big black crow-like birds. They are so smart! I honestly believe that when I become an old lady, I'll resemble the "bird lady" in the movies of Home Alone!

This is where my story "for the birds" begins. I noticed last summer that this one particular female black bird would start squawking and flapping her wings in agitation, just as soon as she would see me. I believe she was stalking me because she would constantly keep her eye out for me and fly towards the nearest tree above me. This went on all summer long.

One morning, I started my daily ritual of filling the birdbaths with fresh water and scattering all the scraps for them. I was standing under a tree when The bird that didn't seem to like me, flew and landed on top of the tree, aimed and pooped on me. This type of behavior went on the whole summer long. Of course, she only succeeded to poop on me one time. Even though I'd be outside with someone else, she would always aim just for ME!

This little bird's behavior had me puzzled for the longest time, until it finally made sense. I was a big favorite of all the birds. Although, I do believe she loved me, she was jealous of me because of all the attention her bird friends were giving me.

Winter came and I didn't see my bird friends anymore. Well, guess what? SHE'S BACK and I'm so happy to see her again!! She's behaving in the exact same manner as she did last year. This time I took a picture of her and what I believe to be her boyfriend or husband.

She won't be pooping on me anymore this summer, 'cause I've already purchased a GREAT BIG OLD floppy straw hat!!

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