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I went to this place (not Sam's) where they sell food in bulk, to buy a big block of cheese.I always buy in bulk 'cause I think I'm part mouse, and because it comes out cheaper when I cut it in half and sell the other half to my neighbor.

I was in a hurry and just grabbed the big block of Munster Cheese. I got in line to pay for it and when it was my turn to pay, the girl picked up the cheese and it so happens it had a GIANT bite off the corner of it. You could see the the teeth marks, (more like fangs) all along the cheese. It was already a little dry which meant the bite had taken place a long time before. I told check-out girl I wanted another block, so I ran back and grabbed another one.

The check-out girl looked at me with disgust and asked me if I HAD bitten the cheese. I could actually felt the heat run through my face in embarrassment and indignantly shouted back that I HAD NOT. That whatever had taken the GIANT bite off the cheese had not been human but rather beast like and was she insinuating I was a DOG!? I then demanded to know why she would ask me such a question. Her reply was, "one never knows!" I yelled, "How DARE you!"

I turned back and saw everyone behind me listening to our every word. My embarrassment quickly turned to rage. I looked back at her and slowly walking behind the counter towards her, my body now trembling uncontrollably. I found myself directly in front of her. She actually did a back-bend over the cash register as I made contact with my pointed finger, right between her eyebrows as I yelled, "YOU BITCH!" Her eyes were actually cross-eyed as she felt and stared at my finger. I grabbed my block of cheese and left terribly angry, wondering if the time had come to enroll in some anger management course.

Tags: insults
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