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Policemen Chimpanzee Cartoon, Smash Me Bernie Doll, Obama Coins, RIPublicans

Policemen Chimpanzee Cartoon, Smash Me Bernie Doll, Obama Coins, RIPublicans

I just added those who wished to be added to my brand New LJ. If I missed you, please let me know, and I'll add you right now.

1. I fail to see the humor in that disgusting drawing of policemen shooting a chimpanzee in the New York Post. In fact, I found it quite disturbing on many levels. I felt it was extremely dangerous for our President, since there are so many sickos who could interpret it as a go ahead to violence. What I can't understand is why the FBI hasn't confronted the person who created the sickening toon.

Just a couple of days before, a woman was attacked and mauled viciously by a neighbor's pet chimpanzee which left her without a face. The woman lost her nose, and both her eyes were torn our from her eye sockets. The man, who created this sickening cartoon, got the idea from this horrific tragedy to create the toon. It is obvious he showed no compassion for the woman who is still in critical condition, nor does he care for the safety and well-being for our President we the people elected as our President! All in all, the toon was created for sick laughs at the expense of our President, and that poor woman.

Rupert Murdoch is the president of the newspaper, and I believe he’s one of the richest men in the world. I’ve never bought the New York Post. Why would I?! I only hope that everyone who does, boycotts the company so that this asshole goes broke! As for the asshole who created the toon, I hope he loses his job!

2. I shared a few days ago, that I had bought the President Obama coins. I still haven't received them. I can't recall exactly when I bought them, but I believe I did so before Obama became our President. I had never purchased anything in the manner I did these coins. I called the number that was given on TV, and instead of finding a human, I found a recording. I was asked to give one of my check numbers and I did. I was not told by the ROBOT how much the total would be. I never really paid much attention to this order, because I forgot to make note as to the number I had given, and assumed I had made paid out a bill with that check number.

Yesterday, I found that Lipenwald Inc did indeed withdraw $74.60 from my bank account. The advertisement on TV said the coins would cost $9.00. Perhaps I pushed more buttons on my phone than I was suppose to, but I still can’t understand why they withdrew $74.60.

I found this website about Lipenwald Inc which has me worried. Is it possible that I've been ripped off?

Lipenwald Inc Ripoff Hartford Michigan


The other day, I bought The Smash Bernie doll. I made a phone call, and actually spoke with a REAL life human who was as sweet as could be! When I receive the doll, I'll take a pic of it and post it here. I can hardly wait so I can beat the living @*%@ out of Bernie Madoff with the little hammer! :o)

Smash Bernie Madoff Doll

I didn't notice until just now, that they also sell the Obama doll! When I get Asshole Bernie, I'll definitely buy a doll of the love of my life - President Obama doll! :o)

4. I grow weary of constantly hearing the RIPulican’s constant WHINS. Don’t they realize they were voted OUT by the majority of the people DO NOT trust them anymore? They are the LAST people on earth who should be giving advice to President Obama. Don’t they realize that we all realize they are responsible for our present economical situation? NOTHING will ever change my mind about them. Remember, they are the ones who ran the show for EIGHT years!!


Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."!

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