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My Little Girl, My New Livejournal

My Little Girl, My New Livejournal

For those of you who have been so sweet by accepting my invitation to my other NEW LJ, I know exactly who you are, and will be adding you very soon. This NEW LJ link will be on the main page of the 100% Family Friendly ROMANTIC domain I’ve been working on for close to a year. In that new LJ, I’m going to behave like the Angel I am – SOMETIMES. This PLAYGIRL LJ will be for my other personality, and that’s the obnoxiously naughty at times Playgirl you’ve come to love (barf!) for such a long time ago.

I’ll be using my SWEET SAVANAH personality in the new LJ for interaction with you about the many things I’ll have in that domain.

Let me tell you a little about that domain. It isn’t really a brand new domain, since I’ve had it for like forever, but I have changed EVERYTHING there. The OLD version is still on the web, but just as soon as I finish putting the NEW version all together, I'll upload it. I’ll let you know when I do this, as I'll let you know when I've added new stuff to the site. I honestly feel you will enjoy it very much, since you will find just about every topic imaginable. The reason it's taking me so long is, because I do everything from scratch by using NOTEPAD and all my HTML skills.

In this Romantic domain, you will find pictures of all of my 10 dogs (one BLIND dog), and 20 something cats (one BLIND cat). I’ve made ALL of the graphics myself. You will find all the things I love there, as you will find very romantic music which are midis, because they don't take up too many KB's, making the pages download a little faster. I have written a few articles, and have added poetry I’ve written myself. The rest of the love poems are classics written by those wonderful immortals of the past. I would say about 75% of the pictures you’ll find there, that I made graphics out of, were taken by myself. The rest I paid to for. You will eventually find pictures of the Great Wall of China, actual mummies from Egypt, vintage photography just to name a few. I’m also going to add some pages about the SHADOW PEOPLE who live in my house. I’m DEAD serious! I’m also going to add some pages from things I’ve written in the past from this LJ.

I recently shared with you that I'll be going to Uruguay and Costa Rica. I made a mistake! I've already been to Uruguay! DUH! I'm going to PARAGUAY, and will try to go to Costa Rica, also. I'm also taking a trip to Washington, D.C. These trips will take place this summer, and will be adding the pics I take in my Romantic site. I'll also add pictures of the trips I've already taken to Uruguay, Colombia, Cancun, Chichén-Itzá, Pyramid of Kukulcán, California, San Antonio, New Mexico and a couple of snap shots I took while in Korea. These pics are too good, because I had a horrible little regular camera! :o(

I believe I've already created about 1,000 pages on this Romantic site! I've worked on it every spare moment of my life, and it isn't anything new that I go to bed at about 2 A.M. each night. A few days ago, I went to bed at 4:30 in the morning, and had to get up and 6:30 to go to work. I felt HORRIBLE!!

I shared with you once, that I’ve been sponsoring for a little over a year an unwanted dog, and cat. You will find them there, along with their picture and the tee-shirt I received. $18.00 per month is automatically withdrawn from my American Express Card to help make these little animals lives a little better.

I have also been sponsoring for close to a year, a little 5 year old girl by the name of Edith from Africa. $35.00 per month is also automatically withdrawn from my credit card. You will also find little Edith there, along with the little picture World Vision sent me. Edith lives in an Aids infested country. Although, I’ve never met this little angel, I have grown to feel as though I am her mother. Words cannot convey how much I love her, and worry about her. I have recently agreed to pay an extra $15.00 per month for her to participate in the "Road to Fun, where she'll be able to participate in many things little children love. The pages I’ve made for her have been created with so much love for this little girl, and are filled with hearts, teddy bears, and so much more. I give thanks to God for helping me so very much when it comes to making an income. Edith, and the little dog and cat are priorities in my life, and for as long as I live, I will never let them down.

I realize all of you know I have an adult site, and have assumed I'm a slut for having it, (I DON'T CARE A HORSES BUCK TEETH!) but believe me, it's only a manner of making a big chunk of my income, and if I only depended on my regular RESPECTABLE "real life" job, I would not have been able to take in all the unwanted animals, Grandpa who was a homeless old man, and sponsor this little girl, plus the little dog and cat. I tried to make money off of my other FAMILY FRIENDLY sites, but sadly, the majority of surfers aren't interested in them. Adult sites are the ones that make some pretty good money.

Again, when I finish, I’ll let you know when I’ve uploaded the site. The old version is only (please don’t faint!!) about religion. Believe it or not, but this Playgirl has read the Holy Bible, from beginning to end, TWICE! :o) I’m still keeping those pages, but I’ll be making only ONE link to those pages.

Again, I'm offering an invitation to my NEW LJ. If you would like to be added, please let me know here, and I'll eventually add you all, when I finish


P.S. I would love for you to contribute to this site your poems, stories, or whatever. Full credit will be given to you! P-L-E-A-S-E!


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